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'I Stand With Ilhan': Outpouring of Support for Rep. Omar Counters Racist 'Send Her Back' Chant by Trump Supporters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/18/i-stand-ilhan-outpouring-support-rep-omar-counters-racist-send-her-back-chant-trump


Well, I am a straight middle-aged white male, just about the perfect prototype for a Trumpster. Oops, forgot the lobotomy.

I treasure and worry for the safety of “The Squad” as the stochastic-terrorist-in-chief wags his sickly tongue. The next time I have to remove dog shit from my shoe I shall remember to have a modicum of respect knowing that there is something worse out there.


Ask nancy, what’s it like making a King.


At one time, just before the Weimar Republic fell, it was estimated that only about 10% of the people of Germany were members of the Nazi party. Yet there were enough citizens that sympathized with the Nazis and their rhetoric that they were able to quite literally take over the country without firing a shot.
Die hard republicans currently make up about 25% of eligible voters in the USA. With that 25% they were able to win the whites house, the congress, some 34 state governorships and state houses, and the entire federal court system. And all it took to win the entire governmental infrastructure of this nation was some well organized voter suppression in only about 6 states, and of course voter apathy caused by a Democratic Party apparatus that is now widely seen as completely out of touch with the more progressive views and values of its electorate.
2020 is coming. And Nancy Pelosi and Tom Perez are standing there doing there best Kevin Bacon impersonation (from the end of Animal House) where they just keep screaming “All is well! All is well!”
This will not end well.


Brave women!!! Stay strong and keep fighting; and keep speaking the Truth no matter the odds. That’s how change happens.



And now Mr. Trump is going after Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley for standing up for Ilhan Omar.

The man’s last name is Crow, his first name is Jim and he’s threatening black leaders to dissociate themselves from Dr King because he’s declaring Dr. King to be a known communist.


I keep thinking that Nancy and her seemingly hapless cronies must have some plan. They must be playing the “long game” and that they will suddenly spring on the Trumpsters in the middle of next years election cycle.
I won’t hold my breath. Nancy has never been that complex.

How do we deal with the Trump supporters in our life. Some of us have friends and family who support this dispicable excuse for a human being. I feel that grassroots anger must be aimed at these racist ignorant people we associate with on a daily basis. This becomes more difficult as the country sinks into an Orwellian nationalist state.

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”
ML King


The Lyin’ King continues to speak to his subjects in a way only they can understand, and they parrot back his hatred.

I’ve never before witnessed a better reason for a mass extinction.


So we have gone from making America great again to keeping her great and Trump himself is that “greatness”: Racism, bigotry, lies, worsening environmental crisis and war on the southern border against immigrants escaping this and poverty, violence, looming wars of choice against Iran, trade war with China, etc. etc. I will settle with NO greatness and seek citizenship in the global community. No thanks to Andrew Jackson redux. This 1984 “greatness” is the hollow hot air of empty souls. Trump bloviates and his stupified followers take it in.


Since BigB brought up the Nazis in his excellent post above I will too because this exactly what I have been thinking for months on end-

Am I ( or we) the ‘good Germans’ of our day? Is this how they felt hearing Hitler spew his filth? Did they feel mostly helpless like I do to really do anything valuable/effective enough to stop him? Did they talk quietly with their fellow anti Nazis wondering if they were being put on some list?
The author of this essay used the word appalling. I cannot think of a better word to describe what is happening with regard to the ever increasing capacity of people to hate…
I fear greatly for the safety of the Squad going forward…


Trump continues to "Make America, Friends And Enemies."

This division borne of Hatred will be long lasting.

Better to cut the head off the snake now, before it bites us.


Nancy started the criticism of Omar. Trump is following her lead.


Larry, I very much appreciate your question and the quote you provide is your answer.


In the end, the only thing republicans worship is power and money. So if you want to scare the pants off them, make sure every time Trump holds a rally, small dollar donations pour into the accounts of mod squad. I’m talking millions of dollars. It brings power to progressive candidates and it sidelines Trump and democratic patsies like Pelosi and Chucky Cheese. Flush the crap down, by any and all means possible.


And that, dear reader summarizes what is wrong with the left in the nutshell:

The fascists turn out physically, at rallys, chans fascist-racist slogans, marches, carry torches…

But the left??? They have a fucking “twitter campaign” (whatever the fuck that is) in the privacy of their rooms. Fuck this twitter shit! get out in the streets and CONFRONT the vile fascists for fucking crying out loud!


No, Pelosi is not screaming “All is well”. She’s siding with Trump, disparaging the progressive new members of her own party because in the end, she, like Trump, are there to maintain the status quo. What she is doing is fueling the fascism. Because better fascism than promote a more just system. The entire Democratic Party should be vocally standing behind its members. But most of them are fine with what is happening. If they can’t control the rise of the progressive branch of their party, they’re happy to have Trump and his minions do it. Very scary.


It reminds me of arm wrestling in the muc, down and dirty. His followers will do whatever he wants and the more he instills hate with his rhetoric the more dangerous this country becomes.


BigB, I have always enjoyed your writings but maybe I see something here, I don’t mean to be rude but stop thinking. Following your heart has served you well in past. You are correct, nancy isn’t that complex, she is complicit. Yes, I refuse to use a capital letter. Those who sing and dance through their daze in Congress are complicit in creating a King. Here today in the country there is no long game, just look at the actions of Congress. Now it is only gotcha moments which disguises the fact that there are no protections in place for the next election. They will have the King and their Jester and their Court of Fools. Give a good hard listen to In The Court of The Crimson King.


Please see my comment below, you of a like mind :)))