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I Stand With Obama Heckler Jennicet Gutierrez


I Stand With Obama Heckler Jennicet Gutierrez

Mathew Rodriguez

At Wednesday's White House LGBT Pride event, Jennicet Gutierrez, a transgender Latina, voiced her opinion about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers and the far-too-common sexual abuse of transgender immigrant women in these centers by people who work for the US government. The president shut her down with a quick "You're in my house."


Right on and thanks for speaking up in defense of your sister. Thanks Common Dreams for continuing to include trans people and issues in your coverage. Would like to see more love and awareness from the commenters.


Sorry, no. Not the time and place at all. There’s time to do that, this was not it


Amen. I am sorry Mr. Obama, the House you live in is not your house to claim as yours. It is the Peoples’ House and to be respected by you for the short time you are granted the priviledge of residing there as such. As for the people, there is nothing in our Constitution that
even implies we have to treat any elected official with respect. The
only respect owed is the due respect any human owes to
another; and that street is not one way. There is a time to be polite
and a time to speak out. It is time more Americans started speaking
out on this and many other issues.
Thanks to this person for speaking truth to “assumed power.” Would only the rest of us demonstrate such courage!


Extremely good article. It deserves to be shared widely. As an advocate for undocumented migrants who inadvertently was given a spotlight in the LGBTQ struggle by performing the first same sex marriage in Madison County, Alabama, I agree with you. LGBTQ issues and undocumented persons issues are for many intents and purposes one and the same. The problem of crossing illegally, often over multiple borders, for transgender people carries its own set of dangers. People offering aid and shelter for years have tried to figure out ways to make their passage safer. And, to be sure, they do not fare better than straight or gay undocumented immigrants in detention centers.
More disturbing to me is that too often “advocates” will get behind any effort labelled as reform without any apparent interest in whether that effort would make things better or worse for undocumented people.
Too, as you point out so well, people have a baffling ability to forget where they came from and when they, too, were “slaves in Egypt”. Thank you again.


As a straight white male socialist, I am glad to see such acts of solidarity as this
article, and the speakout by Jennicet Gutierrez.
Ms. Gutierrez reminds me of Eartha Kitt, another hero, singer, actress,and activist,
who had the guts to confront another “Democratic” president, Lyndon Johnson,
over another life and death situation, the Vietnam War.
When policies of deception, torture, and murder are the daily norm for the likes of
“our” Deporter-in-Chief, and someone calls protestors “rude”, we need to point out
that policies that result in murders and suicides- are MORE than rude!
Thank you, Ms. Gutierrez and Mr. Rodriguez for the good examples.
Repugnants and Demagogs say “Don’t make waves!” Then the “Democrats” try to
SURF the waves of change at election time, but it is the radicals who MAKE the waves!