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'I Stand With Planned Parenthood': Fact Checkers Expose Anti-Choice Smear Campaign


'I Stand With Planned Parenthood': Fact Checkers Expose Anti-Choice Smear Campaign

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Lawmakers, fact checkers, and reproductive justice advocates sounded the alarm this week over a series of deceptive—and some say fraudulent—anti-choice videos aimed at slandering the not-for-profit organization that provides vital health services to millions of people a year.


Yeah, it was a set up. Don’t say anything related to work that you wouldnt want to have to defend if a tape comes out though. I found the tone of both executives in the videos creepily detached myself, and hell, I’m pro choice.


The problem isn’t so much FOX’s poisoned pixels, but how the mainstream corpress covers this in “balanced” fashion, lending credence to a blatantly bogus “exposé”.

But PP has well placed allies, and so I don’t imagine a great scandal will grow from this ACORN clone. It gives the Repungnacans, especially the presidential candidates, something to fulminate about, which, considering the timing of it, may have been its primary purpose.


Wonder if any member of the “shadowy anti-choice group Center for Medical Progress” or Lanford or Black will need treatment in their future for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease? If so, would they refuse treatment because fetal tissue was used to create the medication to combat those diseases? Did any of these parties take the polio vaccine (created from fetal tissue)? Would they protest against the use of fetal tissue in research to prevent birth defects? The use of fetal tissue is highly regulated and closely monitored (American Society for Cell Biology) and sale of the tissue is strictly prohibited regardless of the allegations made by the CMP (Center for Moronic Prevaricators) against Planned Parenthood. CMP cannot provide a valid argument based on facts to get their message across which is why they resort to manipulated videos full of misinformation and outright lies.

I AM FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD and all the good the organization does for women and families in need of care nationwide!


This looked like an orchestrated smear to coincide with an effort to defund PP. The GOP is continuing their ongoing war on reproductive rights and most of us are outraged, but we can’t redo the last election which gave these fools a majority.


The American Taliban Party (once known as the GOP) is institutionalizing “the dumb animal solution”.


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This bogus video is also a weapon of mass distraction as Congress moves the TPP forward with very little coverage. The House also just passed a federal, anti-GMO labeling bill that could make it illegal for states to pass laws requiring that GMOs be labeled. And it’s not just Republicans. Democrats have also sold us down the corporate river. Our government is a codified, criminal operation run by the corporations that own and operate it for their own monetary and power gain.