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'I Stand With the Amazon Warehouse Workers': Bernie Sanders Throws Support Behind Bold Union Drive in Alabama

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/i-stand-amazon-warehouse-workers-bernie-sanders-throws-support-behind-bold-union

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lDear Jeff Bezos: You are running your business ike Mr. Potter in the old movie,“It’s a Wonderful life.”
Did it ever occur to you that if you paid your employees more, they would be able to BUY more, even more of your stuff? But then—how much power and money do you actually need? YOU might be turning into that character in another od movie,“Citizen Cain,”
Maybe you should watch that movie. We see a man get richer and richer—but not happier.
We found out that when he was growing up that" community" really was an important part of life. The trouble was that owning the world became more important to him than humanity.

At the end of the movie as he is dying, he realizes that money and power is not all it’s cracked up to be! As he lays dying, we see the sled from his childhood—the sled that taught him freedom and sharing…maybe Mr. Bezos you should watch that movie–and think about how much better your employees would be if you actually cared enough to give them all enough money for a better life.
Try it and also stop getting new products to join your site and then undercutting then when you copy what they did. There’s another good movie you should see too—it’s all about a GRINCH who found the meaning of life and sharing! Imagine how your life COULD be—maybe you should read up on the life of a man Carnegie too, and how he changed a lot of the world for the better.


Hey Jeffie, money can’t buy friends, but I hear it can buy ex-wives.


What was that old Lynrd Skynrd song

“Sweat House Alabama”?

Sumpin’ like that …


As a former local union president, I approve of this message!
Good luck Bessemer, get it done.


Bernie will stand with you until Democrat Leadership tells him to bend over.


Bernie making his pitch for the Labor Secretary job?

This article by Bernie is also a good read and perhaps another job application.


If it is a veiled coded warning to Biden, it is short on remedies to make Biden flexible.

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What does Bezos want? More.

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Alabama, an anti-union state? Sounds fascist.

What does Bernie want?

How about Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? He needs a ghostly visit.

Or two.

in the coming months it is only the committed actions of unions and other working people that will change the status of our underpaid wage slaves–time for a general strike until the government passes a LIVING WAGE-and general pandemic relief to the millions who have been without support do to government INACTION–to be enacted THIS YEAR–now–not over a few years–

will the government act to protect the people ?? of course not–they are tied hand and foot to the capitalists who have co-opted and corrupted our country with their rampant bribery

the solution–a new party that represents us–one not in thrall to the capitalists–a People’s Party(.org)

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If you have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, how is that any difference than slavery?

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Hasn’t Alabama been anti-Union since the civil war?


First the Amazon propaganda will be over whelming. When that
fails, they will resort to outright criminal action by massive
violation of the Labor Relations Act by retaliating against key
local leaders… i.e. firing them. FEAR will be the primary weapon.

In the 1950 -1970 period, the state was very organized at a time
when heavy industry was at it’s post war peak. The small Alabama
town I moved to had a solid anti union mentality. Working with a
tight group of local unionist, within five years thousands of local
workers were in unions.

Then Reagan gave the green light to destroy unions and Clinton
arranged to destroy the jobs. A few years ago, I moved back to the
same small town. Often, I interface with the local wannabe movers
and shakers of the town. When the conversation of lack of good
jobs arises, the number one complain: The UNIONS destroyed all
our good jobs. Clueless assholes! The Unions brought a level of
prosperity they will never have again but they can have their $7.25
minimum wage and that is all that really matters to them.

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Wasn’t much labor union activity in those days, but plenty of anti-United States activity, for sure.

Good for Bernie. He could sit by and do nothing but he chooses to get involved on the side of labor. This is also why he will never be appointed Secretary of Labor by Biden and his handlers.

I understand skepticism of Bernie for how he handled his “loss” in the primaries and the DP corruption, but Bernie’s stance with the Amazon worker effort to unionize is completely consistent with his history. Bernie, more than most any politician over the past 40 years has always stood with workers, spent time on picket lines, and even got Amazon workers and others a minimum $15 an hour wage. He will never be appointed Secretary of Labor for these reasons and I don’t question his sincerity in his support of these workers.

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I get the joke. Good one!

And yet we are stuck with Do Nothing Joe. The DNC deserves to be burnt to the ground.