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I Study Liars. I’ve Never Seen One Like President Trump.


I Study Liars. I’ve Never Seen One Like President Trump.

Bella DePaulo

He tells far more lies, and far more cruel ones, than ordinary people do.

"For fewer than 40 percent of American voters to see the president as honest is truly remarkable. Most humans, most of the time, believe other people. That’s our default setting. Usually, we need a reason to disbelieve."


Aren’t these percentages about the same as his approval ratings? Basically his supporters are responding to something else. The frustration level in the working class voters is so high that truthiness seems to mean little. They are desperate for inclusion and someone addressing their needs. I find it amazing that 30-40 percent can believe he is honest. I see a con men who can’t be trusted. Curious as to why others don’t see that? I have a friend who fits his demographic of support. She sees him as a “can do” person and believes he will get things done that no one else can. She has no interest in his bankruptcies or other evidence of character flaws. I am baffled.


Trump IS indeed a “can do” guy in a “can do” party.

Unfortunately all of Washington DC’s “can do” of the past three decades has benefited the 1% at the expense of the 99%. By 2020 Trump and the GOP will break records for getting “things done that no one else can”, totally wonderful if you are part of the 1%…an unprecedented disaster for the rest of us and the environment.

Many of our local Trump voters have been telling themselves and others lies for so long that they don’t know or care what truth is.


Was there ever any doubt that Trump has no concept of truth whatsoever - like 99% of ALL politicians. In the interests of even-handedness, shouldn’t the author have done a comparison with other presidential candidates - like HRC and Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein? How about an analysis of the lies of GWB and Tony Blair? Hitler & Goebbels. LBJ vs. JFK?
But all of the above would be bit players compared to the CIA and MSM. And then how about the whole of academia - particularly the likes of the saintly Noam Chomsky, who cunningly conceals whoppers inside seeming truths, but then language is his forte. If one considers the Warren Commission, 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Operation Northwoods, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, then the entire country is founded on nothing but lies. If anyone dared breathe the truth, the House of Cards would tumble.


Doesn’t your " can do " friend scare you? People who think the " just getter done " method is fine in matters of public policy or public engineering, of a sort, scare the hell out of me.
Yes, the political system is in the gutter, currently. So, is the judiciary, as well. Trump’s lunacy and lies are feeding off these pre-existing conditions. The sheer volume of them is overwhelming, to many Americans, who then disengage. Which is the real purpose of this daily blitzkrieg of propaganda and state sanctioned crypto-fascist agitprop. Maniacs love mayhem, evidently.
" Just getter done " folks are their own worst enemies, in this regard. They also are the enemies of the rest of us, too.


NO other president in our history is more dangerous, cruel, demented, diabolical, and downright criminal than DJT…no matter how you want to spin it. His sole intent is to please himself (feasts on the power he now has and gloats on his being a self-proclaimed monarch) at the expense of all life…he is devoid of any compassion, kindness, or spirituality and it is readily apparent with the dawning of every new day. Psychopath - check; Sociopath - check; clinically insane narcissist - check; power-mad demagogue - check; pathological prevaricator - check. He makes Rasputin and Caligula look like Mother Theresa.


I believe all liars know what’s true…the reasons for the lie are to obscure the truth. And I certainly believe that almost every war since the Spanish American (1898) up to the Afghan-Iraq wars were based on lies in order to manipulate us into compliance. Trump continues the practice along all fronts…the point of a show isn’t truthfulness, it’s “spectacle” which has been American at least since P.T.Barnum. He sold snake oil to the gullible. The rubes.
However, I must disagree with your Chomski assertion; there’s no evidence of that as far as I know. Maybe you could supply some?


More like “can UNdo our democracy, our place in the world, our environment, our governance, and our way of life…”


He threw in Chomsky to evoke ire from we who admire him (Chomsky). HP channels McCarthy, it appears.


The late Howard Zinn was a close friend of Chomsky’s. I trust Howard’s judgement.


This isn’t surprising because fascism is based on lies. For this type of dangerous political movement it is critical to establish that truth doesn’t matter. What matters is what the leader says. Many supporters find the truth to be disturbing and are glad to listen to someone who tells them what they would rather here. If truth can be banished then it becomes impossible to criticize the fascist government since there is no standard of truth to judge it by. While Trump is totally incompetent as the leader of a democracy appears to very good at being a fascist leader. Most of Trump’s supporters make more than average person so this cannot be completely explained by economic problems. Many of his supporters want to hear that whites are superior, that men should dominate women, that large government agencies are not really needed, etc.


An Exceptional President for the Exceptional Country.
I think we have a match.


Chomsky is on record many times: who cares who killed JFK? Since the Warren Commission is a tissue of lies, contradicted by the HSAC and Church Committees, then Chomsky is defending the greatest lies of our time. Likewise 9/11. It does matter that the man who conceived of the attack (see Zelikow 1998 paper “Catastrophic Terrorism”) later micro managed the official investigation. Just as Allan Dulles micro managed th3 Warren Commission. Chomsky gives these grossest lies the veneer of scholarly respect. But the simple truth in both cases is staring us all in the face, if you have courage to face the truth. The Warren Commission depended on the impossible trajectory of the bullet which supposedly exited at ZjFK throat and inflicted massive damage to Connolly, yet was found in pristine condition on the gurney. WTC 7 collapsed in free fall, despite never having been hit by an aircraft. It’s collapse was announced 25 minutes too soon by the BBC. To quote an NZ judge on the Erebus case: an orchestrated litany of lies. Finally, I have a Masters in History…


Agree with everything you say in this post.


Having dealt with the psychopathic narcissistic personality before, Trump’s ‘insane’ behavior is all too familiar. They will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, or how much they have been exposed. Just doesn’t matter to them as long as they can continue the fraud. What’s shocking is that Americans actually put someone like this into the White House.


A lying president for a nation full of liers. Thich Nhat Hanh is correct: People deserve their governments and governments deserve their people.

Support The Troops: by sending them on tour of duty after tour of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq with no call to duty or draft for reinforcements? By placing the goodwill of the Marines on the mercinaries from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, etc. for the profiteering of Global Oil Corps instead of For Our Nation, For Us All as our lying billboards proclaim?

We have no shame, we have only treasonous lies to human dignity.


All true about JFK and 9/11. Chomsky doesn’t say differently. HIs view is that we shouldn’t pay attention to these crimes, because there are more obvious crimes that everyone agrees are happening. It’s from a political organizing view that he thinks focusing on conspiracies, even very true and important ones like JFK and 9/11, is not an effective way to organize. I don’t agree with him, but he’s not a liar.


I am still somewhat puzzled about why so many people voted for Trump but there must be a good reason. I think the main reason is that he wants to blow it all up and many voters also want to. What is it they don’t like? One thing is probably the vast US government bureaucracy. They want to get rid of the large agencies that are so involved in just about everything including the regulation of corporations. Another thing is to reestablish the dominant role of white people in American society. For many people this country was founded by white people for white people. Another thing is end public education. Many people, particularly evangelicals, feel the public schools are destroying everything they are trying to do to raise their children. I think many people feel that only by giving one man a tremendous amount of power (just what Trump craves) can the changes they want be brought about. What they want is more or less the exact opposite of the vision of many politicians and their supporters on the left.


I think you’re post is correct for a lot of Trump voters, brainwashed by decades of Repug. lies. But there was also a lot of people who voted for him because they are desperate. Willing to ignore his faults for any kind of change in the economy that has been kicking their butts since Raygun.


Trump is a crooked real-estate dealer, a TV personality, and a politician. The definition of all three jobs (and especially the last) involves perpetual lying. So a study comparing him with regular people is meaningless on its face, and I’m sure the author knows this. Which means she’s writing for an ulterior purpose,which means, according to her own definition, that…she’s lying!

And looking again at her definition–that lying means “intentionally misleading”"–one can’t be a liar if one is is incapable of telling the difference between (or even just attending to the difference between) truth and fiction. It’s quite possible that Trump believes what he says (since after all, he has it all on excellent authority–his own), and would not report many lies if he were to participate in a survey such as mentioned here (for which participation he would charge a fee, and then hand the form to someone else to be filled out.)

I was interested that the biggest liars in the survey were those who “honestly?” reported themselves as liars, while the most honest…well, maybe they were lying. A hall of mirrors, like life itself…