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I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me


I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me

Bernie Sanders

The conventions are over and the general election has officially begun. In the primaries, I received 1,846 pledged delegates, 46% of the total. Hillary Clinton received 2,205 pledged delegates, 54%. She received 602 superdelegates. I received 48 superdelegates. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and I will vigorously support her.


They cheated. They robbed us of our right to choose. They did not respect our democracy.

Why didn't you fight back while they disenfranchised us, played dirty tricks against a fair democracy and lied like bandits?

The thing is that nobody wants to vote for that stuff. Trump is bad but you didn't fight back Bernie. Will a President like Trump destroy America?


What is odd is that America is that vulnerable! That is where you left it Bernie. Caught between a Hillary and a Trump.

America deserved an independent fight not caving in a week before the convention.


Mr. Sanders, I respected your platform very much, and was quite supportive. I will NOT, however, support the oligarchy and neoconservatism just because you say so. What an immense disappointment.


Many of your supporters do not believe, Bernie, that Hillary will keep her promises. She is very well known as a flipflopper and panderer to big money, as well as a warmonger. Too dangerous for many of us to consider voting for. If you are truly worried about Trump, run as a Green. You are the only one who can legitimately beat him. Not that that is a concern for Hillary. She has no respect for legitimacy. Otherwise, stop offending us.


Many Bernie Sanders supporters are neither despondent nor inactive. In fact, they are very actively seeking an alternative that will satisfy the values they have been fighting for all year. It's not going to be HRC nor Trump. It may be Jill Stein. It's unfortunate that Senator Sanders apparently has such a limited view of his supporters. The political revolution is underway and it's no longer following Bernie's lead.


If the D.s wanted to beat Trump, they should have nominated YOU Bernie. They care more about party control than Trump. HRC may win anyway, but it isn't the D.s main concern.
The "Screw You" attitude offends me. It is more than arrogant. It's stupid.


Bullshit. Anyone who sincerely supported Sanders' campaign should never vote for Clinton.


May be if Sanders just mentioned the 3.6 millions votes difference Clinton had won by then his supporters would listen? Neaaaah!


Hillary Clinton and her neocon allies are more likely to instigate a confrontation with Russia. I will never vote for this woman. I am old enough to understand that platforms are not worth the paper they are printed on. I have great respect for Bernie, here I part company.


And your point is...?


Thank you Bernie for changing the political discourse in this country. But no, there is no chance that a large proportion of the people you inspired will vote to put the Clintons back in power. They caused a vast majority of the problems this country is facing now, as you so eloquently stated throughout your campaign. Most of us are going to vote our conscience now by supporting Jill Stein. A vote to put the Clintons back in the WH would be a vote against everything you stood for during your campaign. You awoke a sleeping giant, and the DNC will have to reckon with that fact now. That means every time they force the nomination of a corporate tool like Clinton (who already had 8 years in the WH I might add) the progressives in this country will shun them. But we do have you to thank for the shift in the political winds. Without you we would have only heard the same old platitudes from Clinton, O'Malley and Chaffey. The DNC will never be able to reestablish their pro-corporate, anti-worker agenda, and instead will have to deal with the sleeping giant that you awoke.


Not one word about US never-ending wars and the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most energetic cheerleader for more of the same. That is what is most important to Ms. C., Mr. Sanders, and as long as that is the case all of what you said she "understands" is just empty promises that have no chance in hell of being implemented as long as we are at war.

You yourself have said that climate change is the most serious threat to the US and all of humanity. It can never seriously be addressed as long as the real thrust of US policy is war.

I think it would be best now if you stopped making pleas to those who supported you. Every such instance tarnishes your memory. What you did best for this nation is to put many of us in touch with ourselves and each other, and we're not about to start channeling Hillary.


Bernie, I enthusiastically supported you and your platform; I sent money and I felt that I and you were both doing the right thing, fighting the good fight. But there is no persuasive reason to believe that HRC and the Dems will be anything other than what they have been for the last 30 years - militarist, corporatist, and ecologically destructive. HRC's "progressive" statements were ruses to attract votes, in my opinion. Since I want to protect the environment, defang the corporations, slash the military budget, tax the rich, transition rapidly to 100% renewable energy, and provide millions of decent jobs in the process -- Jill Stein and the Greens now get my money, my time, my energy, and my vote. I vote my values, and it is not ethical at all for me to support HRC in light of her extensive history illustrating the kind of values and policies that she favors.


Clinton got more votes in every category by substantial margin. That is how democracy works. She won.

Sanders was representing Democrats, unless he was dishonest, so it is quite logical for him to support a democratic nominee.


I respect your choices ... in general. But, this goes TOO far, Bernie.
... YOU ... are now disrespecting your followers' dedication to your agenda.


I understand that you are afraid of a Trump presidency and it is scary. But you need to understand that first, we don't believe she will do these wonderful things you mentioned and secondly HRC, DNC and the media pulled off the theft of an American election. It isn't a maybe anymore with the leaked emails and it is not the first time it's happened. But this time there is proof and it was done in plain sight. The people involved need to be prosecuted.
Now you are asking us to vote for her and legitimize the theft? On top of that we know about Clinton and her past, the terrible mishandling of classified emails may have put national security at risk and though Comey gave her a pass we all know she was guilty, lied many times about it and is still lying.
We also know about her neocon war hawk foreign policy and conservative domestic policies. Not voting for her is not because of you or what you did or did not do. It is about her and her financial association with all things Big money, from fracking, GMOs, arms sales, the coup in Honduras, the coup in the Ukraine and other nasty things too many to list here.
What you have done for this country is so grand that your fellow Senators cannot fathom how important it is and will be in the future to all of us. You have opened the eyes of millions and for that I will be forever grateful, but voting for her is against my conscience. I wouldn't have voted for her even if you had never done what you've done.
The DNC and the Democratic party have abandoned us and many of us have abandoned them in turn.
I have to vote for Jill Stein. She is honorable, speaks truth to power and they are getting on more ballots all the time, just added 6 or 7 more states.
She is worth investing my vote for the Green party, maybe in four years she will win. I wish you had done the same.
Thank you for all you've done, I know you will keep working for us in the Senate and will be a great help, thank you.


Bernie, you played a good primary and it's done. It's history. Go proudly back to what you do well in supporting the needs of the US public - the poor and working class. Please don't demean yourself by providing any active support for the chosen one, she and her surrogates who used ever insidious, underhanded, and possibly illegal act in the staging of the primary.


You may have missed that the election was tampered with and votes were thrown out or not counted in many states. The election was stolen, that means she didn't win.


I'm not disputing whether she won the primary - although some (perhaps many) Bernie supporters are questioning the legitimacy of that "victory." I'm just saying that her win doesn't and shouldn't translate into unquestioning support for Hillary.

As to your other point, Sanders was running in the Democratic primary on a progressive platform, to which Hillary has only recently begun to pay lip service. To say that he was "representing Democrats" and that he should therefore support the Democratic nominee is to clearly miss or misunderstand the point.


No. Just no.