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'I Think He's Not the Pragmatic Choice': AOC, Others Take Aim at Biden in Advance of Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/i-think-hes-not-pragmatic-choice-aoc-others-take-aim-biden-advance-debate

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It is very simple. It’s not about the guy in the diner…the swing voter, “bi-partisanship” and all of that clucking rubbish.

It’s about huge amounts of cash from corporations and super wealthy individuals who are the core constituency of Corporate State Democrats. It is about oligarchy formed between Corporate State Democrats and their Republican cohorts.

The “mythical” guy in the diner?

Political proxy.


“If you pick the perfect candidate like Joe Biden to win that guy in the diner, the cost will make you lose because you will depress turnout as well,” said Ocasio-Cortez."

We know that the “anybody but Bernie”, “Bernie is an existential threat”, Third Way, DNC/DCCC, corporate neoliberals would prefer that Trump wins.


Point is Corporate State Democrats ultimately couldn’t care less if those that want Medicare for All and other truly progressive policies stay home, because whether it is Trump in office, or Biden, they win. They just want to make sure they continue to crush any political power of any true progressive populist movement.


yep, and if Warren ends up running as VP with Joe, you can kiss off all of her grand ‘progressive’ ideas. None will ever see the light of day with Status Quo Joe, Nancy, Chuck, Steny, etc. In that scenario Warren is just there to Chum the waters. Or be the Judas Goat if you prefer. She would be far more valuable to humanity in the Senate


Could very well be the plan I suspect.


Why is Biden called the most electable Democratic candidate for POTUS? Because unlike Bernie, Tulsi, Gravel, and Inslee he is corruptible and no threat to the 1%.


That would be how to render her harmless - get her out of the senate as VP (and then lose)


Nailed it!


The very fact that Biden was Put there by the wealthy to protect their interests as well as the interests of Congress elites is a mistake in itself. We need change now! Ironic that the first debate will be held in Florida while Miami sinks from rising sea levels. Hope they get their feet wet! Any candidate who is not a Progressive who does not support Single Payer Heathcare and Climate Change should not waste our time.


This is why liberals are not necessarily Progressives.


The Democrats appear to have “Lose 2020 presidential election” as the #1 item on their agenda. Or maybe its #2 after “receive corporate campaign funds.”


I would submit that it is not a mistake.
The wealthy do not want change. They do not want any of the things you listed that most of us want.


The obvious response to Biden is to point to his awful record. Yes, he does in fact work with his comrades on the right in the other party. He worked with segregationists to oppose busing, he worked with financial interests so much that he drew the ire of people like Ted Kennedy in the 70s and Warren decades later, among others. He worked with his old friend Strom Thurmond to put in place horrible anti drug bills that decimated the poor and communities of color. He worked with the right to push his crime bill, to deregulate finance and to gut New Deal financial regulations, to pass NAFTA, worked to push us into Iraq, the Patriot Act, worked for decades to cut vital programs and wanted to drastically cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while in the Obama administration (which angered Bernie and many Democrats at the time) and argued recently to means test those programs. He works with the right to undermine single payer and worked with the right to pass civil forfeiture laws.

The media seems to think that we should applaud bipartisanship by itself, as if what policies that results in dont matter. Who gives a damn if the parties work together to pass horrible policies or if good policies are pushed through without it? Policy is the end outcome we care about. Iraq was bipartisan, the media was responsible too. Should we applaud that because the parties and rats like Biden pushed that through?


It was helpful to get the rundown on Biden’s record, something I wasn’t up on. Mostly because I wrote him off my list well before he threw his hat in the ring.
I guess if he gets the nod I will have a hard time voting democratic this time.
His record, if correct, is worse than I thought.


It is absolutely horrendous, to say nothing of his corruption and endless string of stupid comments.


The last straw for me was his cheerful hosting of the medal G.W. Bush got after he sacrificed our troops for his own purposes, and Cheney’s , and later supposedly helped some after they returned.


But he is the lesser of two evils. Stop your whining and vote for the DNC’s pick. /s

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If they lose the election with Biden or any other bright shiny candidate towing the neoliberal Corporate State Democrat line, then they win. If they win the election…well, they don’t win quite as much as they do with Trump. They will have to settle for the old incrementalist approach at Austerity measures and privatization that is their trademark. But having kept Trump in power (thanks to Nancy’s Corporate State Democrat leadership) it allows them to accelerate their assault on the little people since keeping Trump INC in office he will have shifted the “right” much further to the right…giving them a lot more room to their own move to the right. Same game playing out for 40 years now.

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No - the plan is for Kamala to join Biden. California, west coast, woman, african-american. Just what Joe needs. Don’t think Willie Brown hasn’t been hatching this plan for a while.

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