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'I Think He's Not the Pragmatic Choice': AOC, Others Take Aim at Biden in Advance of Debate

That could be as well. Any Corporate State Democrat or sell out will do.


At a hearing today on Conway and Hatch Act violations, Rep. Carole Miller/R-WVA
brought out the “creepy” Joe Biden still hidden from many Americans in regard to
the many photos and videos of him and women – but she didn’t mention children to
my knowledge. It may have been in response to some comment by someone on the
Dem side about the latest charge of RAPE by Jean Carroll which I think brings the
total to more than two dozen.

Granted this is the Establishment’s guy, but to support Biden for President would be
as foolish as support Hillary was in 2016.


Biden a “progressive”?

Biden is a corporatist, bought and owned by the right wing.
The guy who delivered the first of the GOP perverts to the Supreme Court.
And don’t that didn’t have a lot of meaning for them.

This is an example of why “progressive” is a poor word for explaining the
political order – and why it is used to confuse voters.


Add the Clarence Thomas affair to the list. I think if we look into that window we can see the core of how Biden operates: kissing up to powerful people and marginalizing those who resist while he smiles his crooked smile and says what he thinks are funny and cute things. Basically, an amoral, greedy coward who craves attention.


AOC is a hundred percent correct Biden is a throwback to the Stone Age and would have made a great Senator in the Pre-Civil War Slavery days as a Democrat that supported Slavery.

We need a Progressive FDR type for the 21st Century a leader that will crush the lobbyists and make America Fair Again a Statesmen that will move us toward a more Egalitarian Nation.

                BERNIE  -  LIZ   2020
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Youth must be in the mix.
What about Bernie - Tulsi?
Let’s face it, there’s a strong possibility Bernie would only serve one term. Liz is hardly younger. Then VP Tulsi steps up to the plate with AOC as her running mate.
We can dream.


Huge applause from at least one non-US citizen representing the UK and Sweden - alas NOT representing the vast majority of their respective politicians… If, as I guess is almost certain, Bernie/Tulsi don’t get the ‘Democrat’ nod then they have to have some sort of plan in place to run on an independent ticket. Remember, it’s not just the USA - the planet can’t afford more of Trump and his gang, mainstream Republicans OR Corporate ‘Democrats’!

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There was only one person in the debate who looked and acted presidential and that was Joe Biden. As for Harris, she alienated every gun owner in the U.S. when she said that she would invoke executive privilege to effect gun changes. Then she made another gaff when she criticized Biden for not supporting school bussing at the local level. How has school bussing improved race relations in this country? It hasn’t. Anyone who believes in bussing as a racial solution doesn’t belong in the White House.

The main topic of this election is national security. Which candidate, including Trump, has the most national security experience at the executive branch level? Joe Biden. Which has the most experience in foreign policy? Joe Biden. Who will be the most qualified to lead and mobilize this country after Trump’s global mess? Joe Biden.

Hi VirtualReality:

sigh-------Joe is from Delaware, the Credit Card , bank state etc. I think that’s who owns him-------and he does not appear to have a functioning brain
He would be another Trump, but without the meanness . Although, he looked gobsmacked enough on the Kamala question—that maybe he too suffers the lack of realities like The Donald

“I think that he’s not a pragmatic choice,” she said. “That’s my frustration with politics today, that they’re willing to give up every single person in America just for that dude in a diner.”

I think AOC should have used the adjective ‘practical’: more definitive and understandable for all readers, and none of the problematic aspects of ‘pragmatic’ as being morally vacuous.