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'I Think We've Got a Shot': Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid in Vermont


'I Think We've Got a Shot': Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid in Vermont

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With a progressive vision that includes breaking up the biggest banks, political transparency, free college education, environmental action, and equity for working and middle class Americans, U.S.


What he has a shot at is whatever bone Clinton throws him after he endorses her once she wins the nomination. His job is to bring her the progressive and populist vote on board. The faux-progressives who drool over him have no moral compass. He talks big on populist issues, so they are willing to completely forget about his support for defense spending, his vote FOR a huge cut in foodstamps for the poor, and his giddy support for the ethnic cleansing and racist policies of Israel. This guy is such a hypocrite. Progressive except for Palestine. Populist except for the Pentagon. Disgusting.


Jangels for president! S/he’s perfect!


Senator Sanders is everything I believe in. His platform is for all of us. I am in, with checkbook and free time to help.
Hilary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and that is all we need to know. Obama sold us out twice. No more Democrats in Name Only, No More Lies!

This is a real chance for us to have the kind of country we so deserve after our wars, our bankster greed, the destruction of our public schools and the impoverishment of our lives! Go for it!


Sen. Bernie Sanders has, for countless years, walked the walk as a real McCoy people server, vs. all other candidates who are so obviously running as self servers. SANDERS PANDERS NOT, TO THE 1%


I support Bernie Sanders’ run for president. Unlike the Republican field, Sanders is not a clown. Sanders is a populist. America needs a populist voice. Hillary is a tool of Wall Street. She and Bill make up Clinton, Inc. I will not be influenced by the argument to vote for Hillary because otherwise we’ll get Walker, or Carson, or Rubio, or Cruz. It is time for populist America to stand up against They The Corporations that are operating the nation for their benefit.


Bernie is our last chance for a peaceful solution.


Bernie’s policy stands are not perfect, but he is the best person who has announced for President. Is Jill Stein running?

Can’t stand all these critics of Bernie who don’t bother to mention that every other candidate running holds the same or worse positions on some of Bernie’s downside (like is support of Israel) and has little or none of the upside


Stranger: “Where’s your lamp?”

Diogenes: “I met Bernie Sanders.”


Bernie has been talking about class issues for a long time. I’d like to hear Bernie talk about racial equity and justice as it relates to political power and economic opportunity. Granted, there is a lot of overlap between racial and class inequality, but viewing these issues with a racial lens provides a unique perspective, such as addressing white privilege.


At least they aren’t basing their criticisms on a piece of crap like ‘Audacity of Hope’ like they did before Obama was elected. Bernie has a long history of speeches and proposing bills he knows his colleagues won’t vote for. There can be no real fringe candidates in a de facto one party system. It is illogical. I think Bernie may need some legal retirement money in the form of campaign contributions. He will probably have to wait awhile after he leaves congress before he can start depositing his Goldman checks for ‘speaking fees’. I doubt they even hold the speeches anymore. The Clintons even put Chelsea’s name on some of theirs as a joke on us.


If there were actually any hope of this getting off the ground, lets dilute it immediately by suggesting a handful of other even lesser known, greater underdogs. Lets pick out all of Bernie’s faults. Let’s talk about Hillary’s power, faults, and inevitability. I am sure we have spirits left to be dampened. Let’s kill the roots before there is any grass. Common Dreams is anything but. Please Bernie, I am all in. Just don’t pull the “Hope and Change” card again. Or maybe 2020 we can talk about this all over again !


Bernie is a product of his environment and typical American style politics. But he seems to have one key difference: he actually cares about his constituents. That’s a big change, and will garner considerable support.


It’s quite doubtful that any total radical is going to win an election. After decades of pro-war conditioning and a military-industrial Hydra planted in every state with JOBS a major item to so many job-insecure Americans, Mr. Sanders can’t attack that sacred cow (to the Mars-ruled sectors) just yet. First tame the Big Money that runs the whole show and determines policy–foreign and domestic–and THEN saner priorities can come into the equation.

Mr. Sanders’ message resonates.

If you recall, Ralph Nader didn’t suggest taking aim at the MIC (a/k/a Beast) either. He spoke of making a rising of the minimum wage the key issue.

I think posters like you feign Left just to attack anything that has a shot at moving the political center of gravity out of its current ultra-right wing niche. Sanders scares you…

No politician is perfect or speaks for ALL grand issues.

But Sanders is at least talking about SOME of what matters. That’s why the C.D. character assassin squad takes aim at him, like so many here have reliably done to: Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Amy Goodman, and others.

As if the call of absolute purity on the part of these posters is real or not used to slay their actual political opponents, as in… challengers to the status quo held in place by the 1%–Big Money sector.


Sanders has already admitted how this will all end. And it will all end in the Megathatcher getting the nomination/Presidency. In his very own weasel-words:

“STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I’ve been very clear about that.”


STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I’ve been very clear about that.

I remember the enthusiasm in the audiences when Kucinich was in the 2004 Primary debates. Over time he was marginalized and ignored in MSM coverage and he caved and threw support to Kerry in 2004, to Obama in 2008 and for Obama’s Privatized Heath Insurance Reform after being against it.

I will Vote for Bernie Sanders, but if history repeats it self, Sanders like Kucinich will dropout before California and endorse Hillary Clinton a Neoliberal Neocon. Sheepdog indeed.


Bernie will say what he wants, and if the polls indicate he has even a remote chance of making Hillary lose, Wall Street will cough up ten trillion to get Hillary nominated.

All Bernie can achieve is corral the left into Hillary’s camp.

He will likely succeed with his single digit poll numbers. After all, the mindless left will never vote for anything but the so-called lesser evil.


From the quotes from ABC show I see where you are coming from. I would have preferred Sanders run as an independent through the whole campaign, but I see how he might think he can have the greatest impact by running as a Dem. He will certainly get more media attention (the MSM has to cover him whether they like it or not). As far as him supporting Clinton if she wins the nomination (not a done deal as some think), who knows what his calculations tell him; however, I think it is silly to think of him as some Clinton stooge putting himself out there as a sacrificial lamb. I think he has too much integrity for that (and has demonstrated that for years, unlike flash on the scene Obama). Maybe I will be disappointed, but I don’t think so. And at this point, I like most of what I am hearing from him.

And you don’t have to decide on who to vote for until you step into the booth (and one can question whether or not the vote is counted properly or at all).

I would like to know where Bernie stands on the issue of race and not just class, and have made that point in another post here.

I’d also like to know who Dixon (BAR - from your link) would support for President. Does he see anyone better? Does he see a republican that is better than Clinton? Maybe he does not support any of them, which is his choice. Maybe he comes from the perspective of a non-participant in the election process. Personally, I don’t put a lot of stock in political elections (all the candidates usually suck or are mediocre at best). But I still vote though the vast majority of my activism is not focused on elections.


Nice that you have already bought into the narrative.


The disgusting job by the millionaire media talking heads can all take a flying bowel movement. Including those smarmy MSNBC shape-shifters.

Support for Bernie, if nothing else, is a direct “in-your-face” snub to pseudo progressives. Screw Hartman, Maddow, and the rest. What the hell have they been doing accept waving the DNC agenda.

Bernie speaks my language. I just might start hyping it up that Americans finally have somebody closer to us since…well, can’t elect Kucinich, Edwards, Ron Paul, Nader and so many more that would never have allowed the republic to be so trashed.