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I Thought CNN Was Taking a Courageous Stand Against White House lies. I Was Mistaken


I Thought CNN Was Taking a Courageous Stand Against White House lies. I Was Mistaken.

Bill Moyers

Well, I certainly got that one wrong.


Decency in the "news" is always ephemeral at best. Remember the clip only played live and now falling down the YouTube rabbit hole:


Your voice is well-respected Mr. Moyers, and never was a strong voice needed more than now! The trump regime is focused on destruction of all that has gone before - the Common Good and environmental protections dismantled and smashed in favor of vulture capitalism, usury, exploitation, racism, bigotry, and arrogant malignant fascism......the threat of coming wars the greatest threat.....a nuclear future a real possibility under a madman.

The distortions of truth or utter falsehoods are themselves a threat to our republic. The threats to our already sold-out, compromised and craven media and press further limits the people's understanding of what is being done in their names!

"the administration’s official Queen of Bullshit" is representative of the trump regime's MO of "if you can;t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bullshit!" Between Ms Skankway and Herr Spicer/Goebbels, we have our own American Ministry of Truth.


Thank you Bill for owning up to your mistake. CNN-the Corrupt News Network, the Clinton News Network, whatever you want to call it, doesn't learn. In the future CNN, and many other disreputable media giants, may wish to 'Not' broadcast live when they are interviewing these Flaming Liers such as the Queen of Bullshit and Sean Sphincter, and any other Republican that cannot 'Handle the Truth'.

If the MSM interviews these Liers on 'Delay', they can review what was said and either choose not to run the segment or edit out the Lies.

This also goes for reports involving, Donald Take-a-Dump on America himself.


Rather than giving Joan La Pucelle airtime on CNN for her deflections, truly egregious is the superficial coverage CNN gives when our resident Shakespearean fool tells the truth such as the one in the caption of the photo that accompanies Moyers's article : Trump on Russia Killings: you think U.S. so innocent?

In a CounterPunch article today John Wight writes that the U.S. dropped 27,000 bombs in 2016. Just a couple weeks ago, the Yemen special forces strike killed at least 20 civilians. U.S. drones kill civilians in villages every day.

(Out, damned spot! out)


It may be best to have the administrations chosen voice on the shows and blatantly call out the lies. That way the true colors of the Trump team are clearly in view. Why aid them in getting more sophisticated in their telling of untruths?


I remember during the Republican primaries one of the CNN people told a Trump surrogate that if she kept lying that he would not allow her on the show anymore. But despite her lies she was back again. The Trump surrogates have now been throwing out lies on TV for almost 2 years without any let up and nobody seems to have a good answer for dealing with a barrage of lies that are overwhelming. Of course it was only recently assumed that no candidate could remain viable by obviously lying all the time but now we know that assumption is wrong, a large segment of the US population has no regard for the truth and therefore no regard for democracy which is dependent on truthful statements. Thankfully there are people like Bill Moyers who continue to fight for democracy. This is a battle that must be won.


I seem to remember Bill Moyer as the front man for LBJ defending the Bay of Tonkin BS as a cause bellicose, no?
I like Bill and he certainly has done major good, but everybody - everybody? - goes around the bend and the best response is just to acknowledge it.


The complicit MSM/NPR has created a conspiracy which in most people's minds that "Fake News" is everywhere and people do not know what to believe anymore. For these people it is easier to rely on what they are most familiar, the MSM/NPR. Those of us who rely more on what we read-hear-watch outside of of MSM sources have been herded into groups such that if you use those sources in public discussions you are turned off and laughed out of the room. Not trusting any source is creating an atmosphere where a citizen input to our government is practically worthless and dissention amongst ourselves is creating public chaos. In other words the plutocrats have won.


I'll second that. Learning never is a piece of cake, but like a muscle the more its exercised the stronger the capacity becomes and the greater the joy in coherence.


Bill if you ever need consultation prior to hitting "send" in regard to analysis of MSM journalism, I would be happy to point out the obvious.

CNN is doing that whole "balanced" FOX model of news that PBS and NPR has adopted as well. You should know this by now.

Now, not only does this model serve corporate profits and governance, but now serves an openly fascist President whose criticism of the press is of course catapulted by that press.

Not only catapulting the outright lies and intentional propaganda, but many instances already of supporting this would-be dictator.

Back to Jake. You need to hone your observation skills.


Wonder what Ted Turner thinks of CNN since he divested himself of the news agency? Pandering to their advertisers takes priority over real investigative, hard-hitting news and/or interviews. In a very perverse way, KC is a bizarre spectacle that twisted viewers cannot get enough of. Bleccchh......


I salute Bill Moyers for this article. CNN still seems to be pretty popular, and it's not easy to criticize something that many people like.


It's more than that, I think. All media have a particular target audience, and they determine their content according to whatever appeals that target audience. If enough of CNN's target audience complained about Conway, for example, she would be gone.


This so called "courageous stand against White House lies" is a bit late, by at least 50 yrs. Any attempt now to do so is like closing the barn door after the horse bolted ....and reproduced a entire herd of throughbreds.

trump and co. should of been shut /shouted down from day one , it isnt like it was unknown that he was lying, but the networks couldnt get enough of his b.s. to bolster ratings, the networks didnt give 2 shits about the truth, only better ratings, period. It is a little late now for them to try and grow a pair, they have effectivlly been neutered and have only there spineless greedy selves to blame.

If they dont start calling a lie a lie instead of "alternate facts" or whatever other drivell they want to call it , they are doomed for good. If they have no intent to stand up to these assholes then dont even bother giving them air time. It only serves to make you look even more impotent.


The real power would be the advertisers jumping ship. Money talks!


Absolutely! And I can't believe Bill Moyer's apparent belief that chosen interviewees like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton.....Barack Obama ... Chuck Schumer...really everyone supporting our rotten system hasn't been lying through his/her teeth since this century began. I don't think Bill Moyer really wrote this commentary.


I have never seen anyone anywhere who so consistently refuses to answer any question. It's laughable. Ask her name and she'll start talking about all the Democrats who post anonymous insults about Mr. Trump on the internet. How can anyone think she's effective at anything?


Moyers, Start telling the truth. Headlines: Russian air strikes kill 3 Turkish soldiers. When the U.S. air strikes kill thousands of civilians, NOTHING ! No headlines, no bylines just excuses. Stuff happens (Rumsfeld), collateral damage (Pentagon criminals) . Yes, America the exceptional . Trump was the only prominent politician since JFK to challenge the myth of America. Zio lies prevail.


I think I'm going to go against the crowd here and say I understand why CNN may have reversed itself. I will keep my opinion open to review however.

First, CNN probably DID experience a massive backlash from the Trumpers. They want to see this woman, who is speaking for the Administration. I'm not sure it's fair to deny them that. Better to have her on and to ream her regularly and royally. Let her make a fool of herself. By denying her that, we're saying that citizens shouldn't be exposed to her. I'm not sure that we have that right.

I'm uncomfortable when a news outlet gets to call someone a liar and ban them because of that. It's a slippery slope . . . where does one draw the line? Just how untruthful do you have to be to deserve the ban?

Conway is quite obviously inept, careless, and unconcerned about keeping to the truth. She's severely compromised as a communicator and seems unaware of how she appears to others. In fact, I think she's delusional and operating in a Trump fantasy universe. To listen to her is to realize that she has no moral compass . . . if challenged, she continues to pile on inconsistency after inconsistency, creating a 7-layer word salad that's incomprehensible.

This, despite the fact that Wiki describes a previously impressive educational performance by this woman. It would appear that there was a time when she could actually learn and repeat "facts." But her extensive Tea Party exposure has apparently dulled her brain, and her conscience.

That said, I think the best thing for CNN and the rest is to always tape her interviews and fact check them vigorously while airing them to the public. We should not let her become a media-banned "victim" and close off the Trump audience. They need to see her in full reveal, and maybe, just maybe, somehow they'll finally figure it out.