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I Told Paul Ryan What It's Like to Live in Poverty. Here's What Happened Next


I Told Paul Ryan What It's Like to Live in Poverty. Here's What Happened Next.

Tianna Gaines-Turner

Dear Speaker Ryan,

I read that you will roll out your new poverty task force’s proposal tomorrow, and I wonder if you remember me. I testified at one of the hearings you hosted on the War on Poverty two years ago. Of the 17 expert witnesses who participated in the series, I was the only one who actually lived in poverty.


…a showboating ideologue of selfish individualism would sooner insult fellow koch-liberterians than show the slightest responsibility toward those whom they consider a drag on their “market”. ayn rand roast in hell.


If Paul Ryan’s track record is any indication, his goal is to put the remaining members of the 99% INTO POVERTY, not help anybody that is already in poverty, or heaven forbid, help anybody get out of poverty.

Although his style is more nuanced than Trump’s, he is more evil than Trump.


A man raised in an elitist, privileged environment and has never wanted for anything in his life has no idea what living in poverty or being homeless or hungry are like. What is even more distressing is that his Ayn Randian approach to solutions blames the impoverished for their situation…and even goes one step further to say that anyone in need of public assistance is just plain lazy…not unlike Raygun and his welfare queen remark. Appealing to the sensibility of Ryan is a practice in futility but I applaud Ms. Turner for her effort and eloquence! We can always hope that her message gets through on some level!


I imagine the Ryan response to be something along the lines of, “it must suck to be you” while the Mitt chimes in with the “borrow $25000 from your parents to start a business.”


When will the puppets who claim to be elected leaders realize that safety nets were created to appease the population and stave off revolt. It appears their good 'ol boy/girl club cannot see through their cigar smoke far enough to see trouble brewing just over the hill; and long ago they quit looking in the mirror.


Paul Ryan’s father owned a successful construction company. At least one project they worked on was an airfield that later became O’Hare. The article advised it started out as a military property, funded by tax- payers. His father died when Ryan was 18 and Ryan collected SS survivor benefits that he saved to pay for his education at a public college probably funded - at least in part- by tax-payers.

So this Randian virtue of total self reliance he likes to spew is completely unknown to him. What an effen amoral hypocrite.


Appealing to Paul Ryan’s sense of noblesse oblige is like appealing to a brick wall.


I certainly hope that this lady was being ironic when she signed off as “your friend.” Paul Ryan has no friends. He’s in it for himself and only himself. Like John Kenneth Galbraith said, "
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." And that describes exactly why Ryan has made a fetish out of Ayn Rand. He wasn’t a decent person who got corrupted by reading trash. He was a selfish, self-centered jerk already and Ayn just gave him a convenient justification for being that way.


People should realize that Paul Ryan like all republicans are frauds liars and crooks and now with Trump they are also racists…In their world you dont exist…And they dont care this is the main thing to remember…Republicans dont give a shit about you if you are poor…The poor dont bring campaign CHECKS to the table so if you dont pay you cant play…Remember the GOP believe or they want their constituients to believe that people like you are moochers and takers this is their mantra…They worship on the altar of money. And ignorance and stupidity is their guiding light.


Imagine an official hearing testimony like that . . . and then doing what Ryan is doing.

You have to have resigned from humanity, given up your mind and heart and all compassion
to do such things.


Ryan must have some friends or complete idiots on the South End of Wisconsin, they keep electing him in every Election he runs in. I can’t understand their thinking as they are voting against themselves.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for this narcissistic sociopath Paul Ryan to grow a conscience. He’s beyond help.


i wonder if these stupid ignoramuses even know who ayn rand is. maybe they’re just selfish basta*ds echoing each other. supposedly humans beings born without the mirror neurons or compassion that even chimps have… pure drek.


ok with me if they don’t realize what you’re saying about the safety net as stopgap to stave off revolt. it’s past time for that revolt…long past.


More likely the hack-able computer voting machines are doing it –
These machines have been with us since the late1960’s – that’s 50 years of hack-able votes.

LARGE computers used by MSM came in about 1965 – giving them tremendous new power to
announce “winners” and “losers.” We see today, sometimes the they announce a winner with 0%
of the vote. These are not actually counted votes – they are predictions.
We saw how that could change the race in 2000.

See: Votescam – The Stealing of America –


You are correct. He and the rest of the GOP bow down to the ideologies of the Libertarian billionaire brothers Koch who hate government. Of course if you read about how they were raised and their father in Dark Money you’d understand why they are so completely insane. They can come across in TV interviews as kindly conservatives who want only what’s best for the little people, but don’t be fooled they won’t be happy until they destroy the US Government and when it goes down, so does America and all it used to stand for. People who buy the right wing lies are signing the death warrant of their country and they don’t know it. They do know they feel pain but they’re told to blame it on the “other”. The “other” of course being liberals, anyone not white or male, gays, immigrants, anyone not Christian and so on. They are brainwashed into looking the other way while those who they grant power to screw them over.