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I, Too, Am America

I, Too, Am America

Monday marked the sixth anniversary of the murder of Trayvon Martin by a white guy with a gun who shouldn't have had one, a killing that helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement. Unlike the Parkland victims, the thousands of mostly black kids protesting gun violence have often been dubbed thugs, not heroes. What is wrong with this picture? All victims, say black activists, deserve to be honored "for our moments of courage or grieving."

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Geroge Zimmerman’s mother was born in Peru and has some African ancestry through her Afro-Peruvian maternal grandfather. His father is an American of German descent and a career military officer. Source Wkipedia

All of our shadows are the same color.


From the article:

“…a white guy with a gun who shouldn’t have had one.”

Abby, you tossed off this line and moved on without explanation. Was there something in Zimmerman’s history that could have prevented his owning firearms under FL law? If so, what?

But some of us are mixed up as a dog’s lunch. Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic and it was a big issue as part of his trial. Whatever, nut cases come in all colors.

Nope, not murder. Try again.

The good, the bad and the ugly, the melting pot that is america.

Yeah, in Clint’s America.

Do you have copy of Bobby’s first album? It is a master piece, truly a wonder. Don’t think I can listen to Bobby right now, I’ll try later.

No, I’m not that familiar with his work but I really like this song. It always reminds me to don’t worry and be happy. Cause we all have our own reality to deal with and life can be a **** sandwich if you let it.

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What, exactly is it then? What, exactly do you mean?

Since murder is defined as including premeditation, I assume Logicus_Prime was commenting on the fact that no one claimed that Zimmerman planned to kill Martin in advance.

I didn’t follow this case all that closely, but I did note that once the trial started, a witness corroborated Zimmerman’s claim that he was in a fight with Martin and killed him in self-defense (e.g. http://abcnews.go.com/US/george-zimmerman-beaten-prosecution-witnesses/story?id=19517236). I personally have a problem with people who aren’t security guards walking around with a loaded weapon in a public spot (I’m aware this isn’t illegal in Florida, but I think it should be). That being said, I might have voted not-guilty too (I haven’t heard all that the jurors heard so it’s hard to know for sure).

There are some other police shooting cases where the officer went free when it seemed completely obvious to me that this was the wrong verdict (not the Ferguson case, but several others).

Oh, find it on youtube you will love it, honest, it is amazing. Day after day I’m more confused…about the news I read. My reality is getting to me in a deep way and I don’t like it. Wanna switch for 24 hours :slight_smile: The citizens are standing up and saying, hey wait a minute here. The government just gets weirder and weirder, day after day. I, Too, Am America and I’m scared of what I see as our future.

Well, he was found not guilty. Second, no one knows what really happened that night because there were not witnesses to the start of the confrontation. Calling it murder is, at best, an exercise in speculation.

Ok, I think i will look for it. Thanks, that is a great idea.

Interesting proposal, You would no doubt want your reality back pretty quickly. I think it is the velocity of change that keeps folks off their center and knowing how to adapt to change helps. My neighbor gave me some lemons today. So, one more good thing happened. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Guess I know what you’ll be making :slight_smile:

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Yes, but there was the phone call to his girlfriend explaining that he was being followed by some weirdo and he was concerned, if not scared. The fact that Zimmerman went out of his way to confront Martin, after being told by the police to stand down–all of which is a matter of recorded record-- indicates, at least to me, some premeditation. AS my father, an ex-MP, once told me , “You don’t have a gun unless you intend to use it.”

The recording of Zimmerman’s conversation with the police dispatcher indicates that he stopped following Martin when told by the dispatcher that he didn’t need to do that.

There’s no evidence to support that claim.

Zimmerman was twice told by the dispatcher to let him know if Martin did anything before Zimmerman got out of his vehicle. The dispatcher told Zimmerman that “we don’t need you to do that” when he figured out that Zimmerman was following Martin. Zimmerman apparently complied based on the change in wind noise on the recording at that time and that Zimmerman then agreed to meet the police at his vehicle.

I’ve listened to the recording of the conversation with the dispatcher and read the transcript. What you say doesn’t agree with those sources.

Based on the timeline established by the phone call Martin should have been well away from the location of the fight by the end of the call even if he had been walking instead of running. That location was much closer to where Zimmerman was during the call.

Since the fight occurred near where Zimmerman would be expected to be when the call ended and far away from where Martin would be expected to be by the time the call ended the most reasonable conclusion would be that Martin either doubled back or waited for Zimmerman.

Based on the timeline the premeditation would more likely be attributed to Martin.

As an MP did your father intend to use his weapon every time he carried it? That’s the reasonable conclusion to draw from his statement. It’s far more likely that he was willing to use it if necessary. The same is also true of most everyone else with the exception of criminals.

I’m surprised that having been in the military, your father would refer to his weapon as a gun. In the military a gun typically refers to an artillery piece or a body part.