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I’ve Been to Guantanamo. It’s No Place for Kids.


I’ve Been to Guantanamo. It’s No Place for Kids.

Naureen Shah

Over the last year, the country has been shocked by reports of the inhumane treatment of children and families in immigrant detention. Now, the Trump administration appears to be increasing the scope and severity of its immigrant detention scheme by potentially detaining immigrants at Guantanamo Bay.

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We need to move Congress and the White House to Guantanamo


We have all read of sexual attacks that happen in the military, and in Hollywood, but I cannot conceive in any way, how any nation could separate kids from their parents, and feed them poorly and ignore their medical needs. We all know though that these dehumanizing attitudes have already happened at the border with kids being put into cages and separated from their parents and ICE has lost so many of the kids already.
I wonder when they will start selling body parts? Maybe it will become a new tourist stop Future Home of Pedophile Land. I think that the government should stop saying that America is a Christian nation—although perhaps some are thinking of creating re-enactments of the bloody Bible stories—I would not put it past them. Well , George Bush got one thing right with his "Axis of Evil, " comment----- the evil is us! : (