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I Was Banned From The WTO For Defending People’s Rights


I Was Banned From The WTO For Defending People’s Rights

Alberto Villarreal

Trade deals must not be negotiated in secret.

"It’s therefore hardly surprising that the multinational corporate lobbyists representing the likes of Shell, Amazon and Monsanto all got to keep their WTO accreditation and will wine and dine officials, as is the usual practice." (Photo: Dang Ngo / Rainforest Action Network)


I was in Seattle in 1999 when the WTO was shut down and I would hope the same thing happens in Buenos Aires.


A reference posted elsewhere on CD which I just now heard.

Businesses in Germany have worker representatives on their boards. Could it be that workers here and all over the world could demand transparency and input from workers ???


Maybe Friends of the Earth International was the victim of virtual agents provocateurs, in a social media “false flag” action? Shell, Amazon and Monsanto, among others, are powerful enough to make anything happen.


Defend OUR Democracy from Multi-NaZional Greed:  ABOLISH Cafta, Nafta and the W.T.O.


There was movement about 100 years ago called the Wobblies that had the slogan: INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! But they were demonized as anti-patriot, commies and traitors among other pejoratives.