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I Was With Bernie Till the End; Now We All Must Vote Hillary


I Was With Bernie Till the End; Now We All Must Vote Hillary

Bill Curry

The most consequential election of our lives may end in a photo finish. Many progressives who backed Bernie Sanders support Jill Stein or plan on staying home. I write to implore them to vote for Hillary Clinton; for our country’s and our planet’s sake and because, for progressives, it’s the smart move.


Say, Bill, how did that kool-ade taste? The main difference between the two fascist candidates: One of them has more political experience and corporate backing.


Hillary on November 9: "I won this election with overwhelming support--the voters of this country have given me a mandate to screw over each and every one of them."


I never understood voters who said they din't trust Clinton.

I trust her 110% to deliver for the 1% at the expense of the 99%, 100% of the time, just as she always has.


This election year, I feel like the main character in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Every day I encounter yet another person who acts as if they've been taken over by some kind of alien life form that looks like them, talks like them, but something about them is just not right...


Same ol BS Bill. Vote for HRC and progressives can hold her feet to the fire once she becomes POTUS? Not a chance, Bill!



This morning on NPR, one day BEFORE the election, pundits are identifying "the greatest threat to Clinton being a successful POTUS will be somebody like Elizabeth Warren derailing appointments for not being progressive enough".

So much for any fire coming anywhere close to Clinton's feet during the next 8 years.

If progressives think they have been demonized up to election day, they ain't seen nothing yet !


Bill, I strongly disagree with your perspective. Hillary is no option for progressives. Despite how her supporters misrepresent her to progressives, Hillary Clinton's platform is not progressive. At best, it promotes 'kinder, gentler, plutocracy'. It is clear that any efforts she makes to implement some of the less plutocratically friendly economic proposals, will be blocked by the right wing congress. In the end, Hillary Clinton will be able to promote policy that strengthens private business, banks, insurance companies, and the financial sector in general. She will promote to illusion of environmentalism and sustainability through 'cleaner, greener' fossil fuel initiatives. She will strengthen domestic repression through universal surveillance and zero tolerance for whistle blowers. She will involve the US more deeply in wars.

Your argument that all progressives need to fall in line and vote for Clinton, is particularly troubling:

"Noam Chomsky says he’s voting for Jill Stein but if he lived in a swing state he’d vote for Clinton. It’s not enough. A razor thin popular vote margin for Clinton would trigger months if not years of civil unrest, while a bigger win could give Democrats the Senate." - Bill Curry

Such actions will ensure that progressives will be taken for granted and issues of concerns to progressives will be ignored, not only during Hillary Clinton's term in office, but in elections that follow.

This argument also foreshadows that argument to come, after Hillary is elected, that any critique of Clinton is tantamount to support for the feared 'vast right wing conspiracy' and, thus, all progressives must shut up, fall in line, and back Clinton.


That logic worked well with Obama??? What are we bombing now.......... 7 countries? Sure, that makes sense to me!!

Hope you sleep well Mr. Curry when Hillary keeps the carnage in the Mideast going!



I see that CD is joining the collective hysteria with this last-minute onslaught of testimonials of "progressives" who have "seen the light" - until darkness envelops us all.


"Many progressives who backed Bernie Sanders support Jill Stein or plan on staying home."

Apparently, Mr. Curry judges the threat of a Trump victory - or deviation from loyalty to Clinton - to be so great as to justify lying.

Curry's links re the above claim don't go later than July. As Curry knows.

A recent article pointing to 1-3% for Greens nationally tells the real story - that between the Republican candidate's frightening behavior, and the bombarding of progressives w/scare articles like this - Sanders progressives have gone almost entirely into the Democratic camp.

There are plenty of non-swing states where Sanders supporters could have taken a "safe state" strategy, boosting Green #'s - but no such boost is apparent in the polls.


Curry writes: "Clinton’s record doesn’t impress but her platform is notable for its specificity. A strong grassroots movement could push her further."

Seriously? Does Curry not understand that the platform is not binding in any way? And how could "a strong grassroots movement ... push her further?" "Further" than what? "Further" than the platform which she does not intend to honor, anyway?

All that a "mandate" for Hillary will accomplish is to reassure the Democratic Party leadership that progressives are willing to support rigged nominations and rigged elections from here on out.

The only good outcome of this election would be if Jill Stein gets at least 5% of the popular vote nationwide, giving the Green Party federal funding and permanent party status. Which is what the Hillary people like Curry do not want, since then Hillary would have to fear a strong progressive challenge in 2020.


Do you know what show that was on? I listened to NPR this morning and didn't haer it on "Morning Edition," but I might have missed it. Looking at the NPR website, nothing immediately jumped out at me that might have that in it, and I'd like to hear it.


" The sacred duty of every citizen is to kill fascism in its crib."

Bill I could not agree more with that quote. And that is exactly why we need Dr. Jill Stein! Because she is the only candidate with the spine to kill the fascism of the two other stooges and fawning parasites of the Amerikan, fascist, world wide empire.


When I read the last paragraph of this article, I was struck first by how different our worldviews are. Personally, I respect people's agency, even if I might disagree with some of their choices, but there was something else about the paragraph that bugged me.

Bill Curry scorns Republicans who say they'll vote for Trump but not endorse him, and yet he is asking us to do the same thing, vote for Clinton but not endorse her. Does he not realize that his rhetoric is not supporting his conclusion?

Unfortunately for us, fascism is already out of the crib. It's up and moving and as it turns out, it's twins.


Don't "Should" on me, Bill Curry.
Your advise has fallen on deaf ears with me, and I hope as well for a majority of my fellow Americans. We don't need Hillary or Donald, the cry is that we don't WANT either one for that matter. Voting Against something is why we are in this predicament.
Voting against Hillary or Donald by voting for the other one is still a vote for Evil; it will not make future election choices any better, and may not allow us to survive long enough to get to another election.
Either way your devil continues to grow more powerful.
A vote for Green is a vote FOR your conscience, FOR clean air and water, FOR your children and grandchildren to have a future; FOR your continued survival.


"I Was With Bernie Till the End"...He wasn't with us to the end, though. That created a big problem with a so-called "revolution". Vote Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka to show (unlike Bernie who hardly acknowledges the Green Party) that you are still in.


"I’ve seen Clinton close up. Her empathy is genuine."
We too, have seen it, when she rejoiced at the news of the brutal street murder of Gaddafi and repeated the Roman Empire's dictum "we came, we saw, we won"...that captured their colonizing ideology....but she even edited further with a more makabre twist "we came, we saw, he died." That, from the mouth of a lawyer, let alone an elected official. Compare that with the Nuremberg principles. So, yes, we know about her empathy - both with humans and the law.


While we have heard little about it in the media the biggest issue of this election is climate change. For those of us who believe science we know that this election is literally a referendum on whether we want to survive or not. The right wing has it own facts so to them it is about big government or not but of course the scientific evidence on the reality of climate change is overwhelming and it all points to most the planet becoming unlivable for humans if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emission quickly. What we have literally is a climate emergency. That means we need to act like this is an emergency. But this has not sunken in to many of those who say will vote for Jill Stein. They are willing to act like this is no big deal. It is business as usual. Just another election. It is not. The world needs leadership from the US on climate change. Someone who wants to rip up the Paris climate agreement and has an economic policy based on increased fossil fuel burning must be kept out of the White House.


I choose to vote for Jill Stein. What exactly is the experience that Hillary has that is so valuable? Bill, are you aware that she and her fellows are involved in sex trafficking of children? How in God's name is that less evil? What about Haiti? What about all the lives lost in Syria and Yemen? Bengazi? Americans left to die. Jill Stein represents a real change to peace, not war. Standing Rock?? The list is long. Jill Stein gives us all a chance at a future for all of us on this planet. Hillary is corrupt, deplorable, and the greater of two evils.