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I Wasn't Saying This Before, But Now I Am: Not My President


I Wasn't Saying This Before, But Now I Am: Not My President

Pierre Tristam

For the past 112 days–yes, I am counting the days: aren’t we all?–I’ve lived under the pretense that Donald Trump is my president. I didn’t vote for him, but James Comey elected him fair and square, and from Jan. 20 on, the point was settled. We don’t have to agree with the man to respect the presidency he represents.


" The question is not when Trump will self destruct, but how much destruction he will do to us before he self destructs."

Boy! Is that ever true!


No president of the USA, past, present or, future, is, or was, or will be “my” president. They are president of a state - which is an institution of often-questionable legitimacy, not a person. Sure, I’m employed by a US Executive Dept. Cabinet Agency, so the president is my ultimate boss - but only when I’m on the clock at work.

The president of the US only interest me to the extent that one president may make our fight which originates from from outside the state easier, and another president, harder. That’s all.


The last POTUS who was “my POTUS” was assassinated in Dallas. If anybody is ever elected who IS “my POTUS” a replay of 1963 will likely occur post haste.


All presidents are selected before the dog and pony show for the masses, called a “national election” and that is why Bernie, even though the much stronger candidate and who would have buried Trump, never had a chance. He was not selected like HRC. If Bernie was POTUS, in my view, he could have very well met the same fate as JFK.

JFK was also “selected” but JFK had the courage to turn on his selectors and that just terrified their puppet, the CIA, among others.


Are you forgetting that the belligerent cold-warrior JFK also brought us to the bring of nuclear conflagration?. Where did this mythical narrative of JFK come from?


The cheater (*) did not really win the election, not even in the
electoral college. Republicans rigged the election. In Wisconsin,
they did it with a voter ID law; see

Voter-ID and other voter suppression laws were not the only methods.
Greg Palast has reported on how Republicans in certain states
systematically arranged to take over a million Americans off the voter
lists, mostly members of minorities that usually vote Democrat. See

It is clear that, absent this rigging, Clinton would have won the
electoral college. Not that I’m a supporter of Clinton. It was clear
all along she was no progressive.

  • Trump gets gratification when people say his name. I prefer to deny
    him that gratification by calling him other names, such as “the cheater”,
    “the troll”, and “the infant.”