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I Went to Prison at Age 60. Here’s What I Learned


I Went to Prison at Age 60. Here’s What I Learned.

Evie Litwok

I was released from the Federal Correction Institution, Tallahassee one year ago. I was taken to the Greyhound bus station and given a ticket to head home to New York. For the first time in close to a year, I went unescorted to a store to buy a cup of coffee. I didn’t feel free. I felt anxious.


Prison steals your life, it's why it shouldn't be used as often as it is.

What pension will they have? What incentive does the ex-con have to integrate into society?


It sickens me that these multi-wealthy CEOs of Corporate America evading taxes in mass numbers and never punished for it --- and here this low-income woman gets thrown into the fire like this for so much less. How many CEOs have gone to prison for stealing pensions? NONE. Just disgusting.


What was it that Superman used to say? "Its Truth, Justice and the American Way!"


The only thing that sounds fishy is your callous response to this woman's terrible story of misery and oppression . NOBODY should be subjected to what she is subjected to daily . It just doesn't happen in decent societies . The worth of any society is measured by the way it treats its elderly , its poor , its helpless and vulnerable. By this measure , we fail utterly . No society that imposes that amount of misery and gratuitous cruelty on any category of human beings deserves to survive . When some historian a few centuries from now writes about the decline and fall of the American empire , her story and others like it , will feature prominently in the narrative, along with the sociopaths who enforced and excused and supported the whole corrupt system .