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I Went to Prison for Disclosing CIA Torture. Gina Haspel Helped Cover It Up.


I Went to Prison for Disclosing CIA Torture. Gina Haspel Helped Cover It Up.

John Kiriakou

I was inside the CIA’s Langley, Va., headquarters on Sept. 11, 2001. Like all Americans, I was traumatized, and I volunteered to go overseas to help bring al-Qaeda’s leaders to justice. I headed counterterrorism operations in Pakistan from January to May 2002. My team captured dozens of al-Qaeda fighters, including senior training-camp commanders. One of the fighters whom I played an integral role in capturing was Abu Zubaida, mistakenly thought at the time to be the third-ranking person in the militant group.


Not most Americans, but most Americans have no political power as Amerika is now a fascist, military totalitarian, regime…not much different than the other totalitarian countries it claims to despise!


Kiriakou was on Democracy Now a few days ago. As I say at the end of Amy’s show, “Thank You Amy”.


If it’s acceptable to torture overseas, in fact if it’s a promotable attribute in one’s career path, it’s a short time before we see it used on our own citizens in our own country.

The slide down the slippery slope continues.

  • People like Gina Haspel should be in prison.
  • People like Kiriakou should be lauded and promoted.


People like Donald Trump should be in prison.
(apologies for referring to Hair Twitler as among people)
He’s more like a venomous insect or a pig in a wig.


Thank you John Kiriakou, for your courage.


My question to John Kiriakou would be this:

Why did you join the CIA ?


I’ll add a “Thank you, John” to that, as well.


Are you suggesting that conditions in US prisons don’t already constitute torture? Even the UN made a report that said Chelsea Manning’s treatment, which is standard throughout the prison system, was torture.


explained in the first sentence…


First sentence reads:
“I was inside the CIA’s Langley, VA., headquarters on Sept. 11, 2001.”
Where is Manysummits answer?


“Considering the severe mental pain or suffering solitary confinement may cause, it can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment…" - UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan E. Méndez. n his report he noted that in the United States an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 individuals are being held in isolation,

The verdict is clear: Solitary confinement causes such severe psychological damage that it is tantamount to torture.


Here is my reply ReconFire, and of course skiendu:

This doesn’t explain why a man would join the CIA, which he did in 1990, many years before 9/11.

But 1990 is many years after Iran/Contra. Surely this man is intelligent and was well informed before he joined.

Even Colin Powell said, in his autobiography, “My American Journey”, that ‘the spooks’ scared him.

We are making a mistake, in my opinion, elevating these whistleblowers to some high status.

We all know, at some deep level, what is going on.

And we let it go on, or can’t stop it.

But is even this true?

No doubt there is no simple answer, but if one believes in democracy, responsibility is part of that - more so than rights.

Zero Dark Thirty is a direct look at what went on.

But it is also true that torture is part of the human way - from the Iroquois thru to the Pathan, and always has been.

We are trying, I think, in civilizations, to dispense with many aspects of our past. But we are doing this from a very poor platform, where unjustified and unconscionable inequality reigns supreme.

This is not a moral position only - it is much worse than that, because it isn’t working - the human race is now on the brink of calamitous breakdown, resource shortage, nuclear war, ecological disaster, on and on - possibly to extinction.

No - this system is a proven failure.

Another cultural revolution is necessary I think.


I’m with you 100%. Excellent point. Thanks.


Always like you’re posts and this one is off the charts, excellent.
I wish I could count the number of times I’ve wondered how much better life on this planet would be, if President Kennedy could have accomplished his goal of splintering this group into 1000 pieces.


The author of this article paid the price for doing what was right, in a nation of perverts, where being depraved is beneficial and a humanitarian disgraceful! Let just tell the truth and let the pieces fall as they may. The US is a disgusting, putrid sewage pit filled with evil creatures of base and demented desires. The rest of the world knows that and is basically biding its time, until the US has totally and perversely poisoned itself morally, ethically and completely. Then it will deliver the coupe de grace and remove that blot on the soul of humanity!


Gina Haspel was chosen for two reasons. The first is that she buys into the Republican, right-wing fear narrative that all muslims and socialists are bad, America promotes democracy, the military is undersized, people hate us for our “freedom”, torture in necessary and that America is the greatest country on Earth.
The second reason is that Gina Haspel is a sociopath. Like most CEO’s, serial killers and anyone who is devoid of empathy, Gina Haspel is the kind of person who will commit any crime necessary to climb the promotion ladder. The White House, Congress and the Senate are filled with sociopaths who all share one common trait, that they will abandon their commitment to the public interest in return for financial or personal gain.
Though Gina Haspel needs psychiatric care instead of a promotion to head up the CIA, American voters in conjunction with the MSM have assisted corporate America over the years to rid our government of regular folks and replace them with the likes of Gina Haspel. It is now commonplace where average people actually applaud psychopaths like Gina Haspel in the belief that placing such high numbers of mentally ill people in high office, will keep us “safe” from the imaginary threats of global jihad.
In my opinion Gina Haspel should be a rallying cry for sane citizens to replace almost every, single politician in D.C. with more capable individuals who would choose the public interest over the lucre of greenbacks without any reservations. Until we can stop running the asylum (our government) with the mentally ill in charge, we are doomed to accept the consequences of of our actions.