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I Will Light You Up: Cop In Dash Cam Video of Sandra Bland So-Called Arrest


I Will Light You Up: Cop In Dash Cam Video of Sandra Bland So-Called Arrest

Texas police have released chilling video footage of the dubious arrest of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman found dead in her cell three days later, even as activists demanded answers, her family sought an independent inquiry, and the D.A. said her alleged suicide is being investigated as a murder case. The footage, with its escalating sense of dread and furious unraveling of the cop, is stomach-churningly difficult to watch.


Looking at the traffic on this road, most of the time there is no other driver following any car to signal to.
Most of us wouldn’t signal to an empty road.


Even more interesting is that video experts are chiming in to say that the video is obviously doctored, with entire vehicles disappearing between frames, or making repeat appearances.


Yes this even as the audio occurs uninterrupted off screen.

This suggests events happened on Camera that might have been incriminating.


“I will light you up” (Encinia) is military speak for: Light ’em Up! Or to get lit up means to get fired on or to fire on the enemy. Spoken while brandishing his taser. He was spoiling for any reason to take down an “uppity Black woman” who knew her rights and realized that the thug officer was going to abuse his authority and make her suffer for asserting herself. As for the ‘suicide,’ I smell a cover up and putridness that pervades the entire department…top to bottom. Despite any outcome, Bland’s family should be amply compensated financially for their tragic loss. As for what will happen to the police involved in the death of Sandra Bland, the cover up and backpedaling have already been set in motion. The Bland family, like the Garner family, may never get the justice they deserve and that will make closure almost impossible. The Garner family was given $5.9 million by NYPD but that does not make up for the loss of the father of six children. My heart goes out to them.


You got it!


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This is clearly state terror. The officer represents the state. And terror is about instilling fear upon civilians for no reason. The rest is trivia. That’s my 2 cents.