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'I Will Not Comply': Chelsea Manning Sent Back to Prison Over Grand Jury Refusal


'I Will Not Comply': Chelsea Manning Sent Back to Prison Over Grand Jury Refusal

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Chelsea Manning won't be bullied by the federal government, she told supporters on Friday.

In a move her defenders called "an outrageous government overreach and absolutely inhumane," Manning was remanded to federal prison for contempt on Friday morning due to her refusal to testify in a secret grand jury hearing Wednesday.



Meanwhile, Manafort will spend a few months in some elderly facility (most probably working on some million dollar book), getting out for good behavior or health issues, while keeping his millions of blood money. As will (more or less), Cohen.

This is the system (Trump or no Trump).



A true warrior, assuming that “warrior” really describes a courageous fighter. All those other “warriors” are cowards who either continue to kill, go along with the killing or join the crowd because they can’t stand on their own two principles (if they have that many).
Going along with war is the easy thing. Doing what Chelsea Manning did and is doing is the truly, truly hard thing and takes a lot of courage. Especially knowing what she is in for.



Meanwhile Pompass and the US Government claim Maduro a dictator that does not support human rights and imprisons members of the press and truth-tellers.

Will the Countries that joined in and calling for the overthrow Of Maduro now call for the same thing in the United States of America. Will they recognize Bernie Sanders as the legitimate President of the United States of America?

(not that Bernie Sanders another Guadio , but those “Freedom loving” Countries have to get something right sometimes do they not?")



Manafort is being punished for getting caught. They must keep up appearances.

Chelsea is being punished for exposing those appearances for what they are which is a far greater crime in the eyes of those in power.



Being pedantic: shouldn’t that be national “heroine”? Good for you Chelsea.



Greenwald links to legal fund here:



A “just world” would have DT physically removed from office. That ain’t gonna happen either.

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When Trump pardoned Irving (Scooter) Libby he said I don’t know Scooter Libby but I understand he got a raw deal. Bush Jr. commuted Scooter’s prison sentence, likely as part of a deal for Scooter to keep quite regarding Cheney’s involvement in Iraq war lies. Some say Scooter was upset because he had a prison record and interfered with his new life style and bitched about only getting a commutation from Bush… Ironically, the war lies led Chelsea to Iraq and here we are. The hero is in jail and the criminal has a new heart.



It is time that the grand jury system was reformed or even eliminated. It has led to nothing but prosecutorial abuse and, like the FISA courts, they are a rubber stamp for law enforcement. Please don’t forget about Reality Winner sitting in jail for 5 years when a James Comey led kangaroo court put her in jail after stating that he didn’t have to go after all whistleblowers, just make an example of one. Let’s melt down all the monuments to racism and put up ones depicting Manning-Winner-Snowden-Kiriakou as true heroes.

Number of people sent to jail for crimes exposed by Manning: zero
Number of times the person who exposed the crimes went to jail: twice



And thus the U.S. takes another step, perhaps leap, into a 1984 style police state.

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Sad to hear this, especially in light of the assholes that are still on the street. No good deed goes unpunished.

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Yes Victoria, there is a deep state.



Well said indeed.



We don’t need no Stinkin First Amendment.

Reporting Crimes committed by our government has become a Crime.

Lets not punish those that committed horrendous Crimes, lets punish those that revealed the Crimes.

Am I living in America or the Third Reich? Sieg Heil Obama, Sieg Heil The Don.

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I’m a Chelsea Manning supporter and a Donald Trump supporter. This is about Chelsea Manning’s heroism, not about your Trump-hate hysteria. You might consider taking your self-indulgent moral posturing somewhere else, when those in support of a real hero – a hero for all the world – Chelsea Manning, needs all the support she can get.

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Not from the likes of you, that’s for certain.

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It may be redundant, but like I have posted before: Chelsea is proof of the statement by George Orwell that during a time of universal deceit; telling the truth is a revolutionary act or to put it another way being a war criminal and lying about wars gets you a pardon, while being an advocate for peace and telling the truth about war atrocities… gets you prison!



Apparently all is well in happy America because the slime republicans you mention are all snickering behind our backs because of what they have gotten away with, and we are letting them. So do we bitch until our fingers are bloody from banging away on the keyboard, or do we finally do something more productive?
Chelsea we are coming to help you, someone has to.
Too bad we have to wait for a (possible) change in leadership for anything to happen, the people are ill equipped.
At least economically. And maybe mentally.



Not the Third Reich my friend…THE FOURTH REICH!