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"I Will Not Give Up": Appeals Court Rejects Chelsea Manning's Bid for Release

"I Will Not Give Up": Appeals Court Rejects Chelsea Manning's Bid for Release

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Chelsea Manning remained in jail on Monday after a federal appeals court rejected her bid to be released and affirmed a lower court's finding of contempt.

The whistleblower was sent to jail March 8, and has spent part of the detention in solitary confinement for contempt due to her refusal to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.


And the American people keep putting their trust in the kindness of a strange court system and its corrupted/compromised prosecutors.
How very predictable in so many cases? Well, how many Americans are eating ham sandwiches a day after Easter Dinner.


Chelsea Manning is heroic.

The US Justice system is terrible.


Hi LibWngofLibWing: I cannot believe that American courts are this corrupt. it seems like Chelsea Manning is in trouble for not speaking the untruths that this 4 court wants. to hear As for Julian Assange, he is from Australia where the unique and wonderful kangaroos live. I guess this scary court decided to become a Kangaroo Court to show that the rule of law in America, like truth and justice has died away, and the court like the kangaroos have large feet to trample law, and tiny kangaroo hands too tiny help the innocent.


“Prosecutors appear to be pressing torturing Manning for Manning’s testimony to break her into lying in order to bolster fabricate their case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,” wrote Politico’s Josh Gerstein Who-the-Eff-Cares

There. Fixed.


Tulsi is the only candidate so far to come out publicly in defense of Manning, Assange, whistleblowers and a free press. Where are the rest of them? “The arrest of Julian Assange is meant to send a message to all Americans and journalists: be quiet, behave, toe the line, or you will pay the price.”


I wish we had a hidden camera at the holding pen for Manafort and Cohen. To see what conditions are like.


Chelsea Manning is a political prisoner. The US (In)Justice Department is torturing her in order break her spirit, and her mind, and to get her to testify to whatever they want her to say. The only justification for torturing her is the age old excuse by those who support, or commit, crimes against humanity i.e. she is so reprehensible that she is not human and therefore is not entitled to human rights.

Kudos to Tulsi Gabbard for having the courage to speak the truth. I do not expect any other presidential candidates to support Manning, or Assange. To do so implies acknowledgement that the US has political prisoners and continues to engage in torture.


What a gal! Chelsea is a model of integrity, courage and strength that we all should admire.


“Appeals Court Approves Coercive State Torture”


All government secrecy should be exposed, in my opinion. How can we ever expect to have a legitimate democracy when so many issues are shrouded in secrecy. Thanks Chelsea for a glimpse of the rotten doings of our so-called government.


Contempt of court, for certain. By those most commonly in contempt of the ideals of a court, those who run the courts.


Thanks for fixing the title to more accurately reflect what is being done in reality.


The names of the Court officials should be known as this isn’t justice -
and our government and courts/prison system are turning to TORTURE …
because that’s what’s required to run a dictatorship. It’s here.


RE: “…part of the detention in solitary confinement for contempt due to her [refusal] to testify before a grand jury…”

Who gets solitary confinement for contempt of court? Solitary confinement is considered torture! The US “justice” system is a institution of class rule and imperial domination. Because Manning and Assange exposed the war crimes of the US empire this is being done to them. Who says we don’t have political prisoners in the US?


Exactly why Chelsea is in prison!


Nice job!

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Chelsea is an American heroine that has not divulged classified information… that is a fascist lie! What Chelsea has divulged is EMBARRASSING INFORMATION OF WAR CRIMES THAT THE AMERIKAN, GOVERNMENT WANTS TO BE KEPT HIDDEN.


What has to be understood is that the McCarthy Era purged all liberals
from government – Hollywood – or they went underground in Hollywood.
The Cold War also was a Hey Day for the right wing to smother liberalism.
JFK was the breath of fresh air saying – hey, this is fake - laughable.
Come out – It’s safe.

However the assassination turned the nation around again –
“The world is meant to live in fear”
And was as Jim Garrison said – “prologue” to fascism and Trump.

In between we had some courageous people who tried to stand up to the
coup, and to the rise of the right – the CIA. Frank Church, for instance.
He was targeted by CIA and quickly removed from Congress.

After that the CIA was free to do whatever the hell they wanted to without
worrying about anything – JFK coup and Church were behind them.
Everyone was intimidated. We now also had a CIA press thanks to Operation
Mockingbird drafted in 1943.
Also see Paperclip and Gladio.

After Church, the pathway to target any further liberals or moderates left in
the House or the Senate was to use the NRA to target them – overnight
2nd Amendment was reversed. And, imo, what happened was CIA took over NRA.
Used it to target anti-gun legislators and anyone else in their way.

After that we only had right wingers in the House and Senate and White House.
If they don’t totally buy fascism, still they will move to power and with it.

Who today is brave enough or strong enough to challenge our MIC or CIA?
The lack is kind of the proof that this isn’t a democracy.
Too many people are naïve about the right wing despite the Jewish Holocaust in
Germany. There are great lies told and believed and human beings couldn’t
believe that any human could be that inhumane to another human.
But they can – and they will do it again.

Religion is another one of those lies –

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Some estimate Trump, the fascist, has around 40 to 50 million acolytes. Either politically, brainwashed or whatever you want to call it; nevertheless, if that is a fact, we have not seen anything yet. Like the book title by David Kay Johnston: " IT IS EVEN WORSE THAN YOU THINK".

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