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I Will Not Give You the Gift of My Hatred: On Guns Vs. Flowers


I Will Not Give You the Gift of My Hatred: On Guns Vs. Flowers

Tough week. The devastation was swiftly followed by a flood of racist venom, victim-blaming and sheer stupidity as deeply unsettling as the violence that sparked it. Still, amidst the bile - Muslims as rabid dogs, refugees as murderous sand n*ggers, camps and databases and nice yellow badges - came moments of uncommon grace: Muslims declaring "Not in our name," Parisians refusing to live in fear, a husband grieving his exceptional wife, a father teaching his frightened son. Humanity, onward.


It seems so bizarre that people would knowingly spread such drivel and stoke mindless hatred. Camps? Isolate and segregate? For the first time I felt a chill of a kind I never expected to feel in America.

No NEVER any camps for any people, color or creed. Never. Those who say these things are foresworn of their oaths to support the constitution. Freedom of religion does not exist when locked behind a camp's walls.

This is nauseating to experience. Where do these fools bring us as they dismantle our freedoms and remove our rights?

Who do they make us become? It can't happen here?

It could never happen anywhere... but it did. It does.


The most stunning thing about all this Islamophobia is the fact that most of the terrorists are not actual practicing Muslims - many of them engage in drinking, drugs, promiscuous sex and other rather un-Muslim behavior. The poor youths from the destroyed nations of the middle east or poor blighted middle eastern neighborhoods or Europe join ISIL for the same reason that US youth from poor blighted black neighborhoods of the US join drug gangs - because in an environment of hopelessness, it give their lives some meaning.

It is that simple.


As the world habitats continue to be destroyed, as we continue to experience the drastic changes in climate, as food and water continue to run low, this violence will continue.

As the population continues to grow at three additional people per second, resources will continue to grow more scarce and this violence will continue.

Anyone who ignores this and has children is willfully ignorant. People will blame everyone but their own shopping and breeding habits. They will spread more hatred, rather than wear a condom.


Really great, Ms. Zimet--and thank you! It helps to read this contrast between those on one hand who want to grow up to be just like the "Islamic" terrorists, and those on the other whose love can perhaps be called "too big to fail."



This type of event is definitely useful for showing us beyond a shadow of a doubt just how many people have lost all sanity and are living in a delusional hate filled world where they look for opportunities to behave like demented monsters. UN-believable.


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Thank you, Abbey, for balancing your piece with hope. The video of the young boy in France filled me with joy at the beauty of it.



Keep spouting the racist stereotypes....