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'I Will Outwork Your Hate': Over Slurs From Pro-Trump Hecklers, Rashida Tlaib Vows to Keep Fighting to End Horrific Treatment of Migrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/i-will-outwork-your-hate-over-slurs-pro-trump-hecklers-rashida-tlaib-vows-keep


"Today, we’re lifting up these stories in the hopes that you will see the light. And if you don’t, we will bring the fire."

The formerly excluded are bringing the necessary fire to he nation that was founded on genocide, slavery, white supremacy and a for-profit religion. These are beautiful women–not your typical Barbie Dolls!


The orange cretin has “made America hate again”, although it never really stopped, it was diminishing.

The POS tiny Mussolini in the WH has drawn-out every group of ignorant low-life depraved scum, every self-interested, greed-driven scammer, empowered hate, sexism, and racism,and lauded groups of haters that revel in their new-found friends in high places.

The advent of “social media” platforms to lure others and spread their malignant hate are very useful - As Sinclair Lewis said: “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross” - likely supported by brain-washed military and police riding Harleys and spewing their rot on SM platforms.

If America doesn’t come together and step-up to denounce and oppose at every opportunity, every outrage they commit, the Hater in Chief and those he whips-up, will continue to grow rather than be consigned to the dung-heal of history!

If that open racism and hatred, and its instruments - diminished education, power of money to control the narrative, endless wars and the people they create - are not challenged and destroyed, we as a free republic are done.

Disband and abolish nodes of officially sanctioned hate and racism - ICE, the CBP, reform police departments nationwide, rescind the “Patriot Act”, end “volunteer” military, end open subversion by foreign power, and other tools/agents of neo-nazi, un-American, racist hate and violence!

Without an awakening of people of good conscience the reality of open brown-shirt goon attacks on those who work for the Common Good, justice and an egalitarian society and groups of like-minded goons and abusers will grow and triumph.!


Representative Tlaib is one of the few members of the House, that makes me tear-up with fond memories of America (I’d say, about FOUR?) Like the debates, where most everyone was echoing a Democratic agenda for which Sanders had been derided, basically his entire career. Yet, he was simply the target of K/C Street’s DNC jackals. Whatever will Koch’s DCCC do to exclude WINNING candidates like Rashida?


Tlaib, Jayapal, AOC, Omar, others, Hispanic Caucus. Thank God for those who voted against and denounce this despicable, indeed, quintessentially evil bill. As for congressional corporatists, who voted for this bill, and the Democratic leadership . . . and so-called “moderate” Democrats [who “caved” to Republicans] by passing a $4.6 billion Senate border funding bill that contained virtually no safeguards for immigrant children detained by the Trump administration: it´s long, long past time to rethink characterizations of them as “spineless” and “caving,” and all that crap. One need not overtax one´s meanest critical capacities to see that this is pure excuse-mongering. It let´s them off the hook and ourselves, too. They don´t do “the right thing” because those who expect them to do the right thing have entirely different ideas from these corporately sycophantic political hacks about what the right thing is. They vote for such damn things because they like them. Who´s holding the gun to their heads?

Why such excuses? Because they call themselves “Democrats”? This name in their case means nothing, or it just as well serves to call them “Republicans.” How are they to be distinguished, then, from the Repubs? Okay, they are supporters of the goals and ends associated with “identity politics,” whereas the Repubs embrace the faux christian so-called evangelicals. And beyond that?

They have to be i.d.´d, named for what they do and are, then “primaried,” OTP´d (sent “out to pasture”), fired, any or all of the above, whatever it´s to be called. That´s the hard, hard work that needs to be done, for those who can do it. Spineless, caving?? Like they really, really, really would have liked to have voted against this bill or to have insisted on its being amended and sent back to the Senate, but . . . well . . . . Well, what?

Poor babies! Give me a break! Pe-lo-si: pri-ma-ry, OTP!

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This is what fascism looks like.

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Americans have taken on the posture of the slow cooking frog in the pot.
As far as being denouncers of the war, hate, and bigoted trump revellers, if we can’t be up front with those denouncing, we can at least make ourselves available to have their backs.
The two fingered “V” peace sign was the glue that held together a movement. That, or another sign of solidarity should be re-established.

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I really feel sorry for all of you simpletons who are so limited in scope that you can only see things in terms of ‘love vs hate’ and ‘freebie-- err ‘freedom’ vs fascism’

she literally just called airlines greedy for making $3b profit after $40b annual operating costs. She then combined 3 airlines profit for 5 years to reach a $50b total, in order to make it look like airlines can ‘afford’ to pump up worker pay from $10/hr to $15/hr. And saps like you buy into it, thinking her number means a big piggy bank full of $50b. If $15 were implemented, operating costs annually would go from $40b to $60b, a bit $17b more than the $3b annual profit. Therefore after one year, the airlines would go bankrupt, or put a 50% increase on all airfare costs, like tickets and probably all carry-ons, which you would then complain about.

Maybe you’d stop tearing up if you weren’t driven by emotions. I admit tho, I tear up mentally, when I read comments from folks like you who can’t do math promoting people in power who also can’t do math.

Wow. Seeing as how that came out of your mouth, I’m willing to bet it’s projection. Saints certainly don’t speak like that.