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I Wish You a Merry Christmas—Even Though I’m a Nonbeliever


I Wish You a Merry Christmas—Even Though I’m a Nonbeliever

Sonali Kolhatkar

I’ve been celebrating Christmas for as long as I can remember. As a child, I believed in Santa Claus and was rewarded every December for that temporary faith with a varied, if modest, set of gifts. But I am not a Christian, although my mother was born a Catholic.


Like the author, I am not a "Christian" believer. That being said, I appreciate the special time set aside each year that emphasizes sharing with others (friends, family and especially the poor), happiness and peace.

In case you haven't noticed, many of us need some more peace and happiness in our lives. Life is a struggle. Hence, setting aside a special time each year to spread and share some happiness is a very special gift to ourselves and the lives we touch.

Without a doubt, Christmas has become king-sized consumerist event that can exploit and absolutely destroy the message of sharing, peace and happiness that should dominate the narrative and meaning of Christmas.

My wife and I are extremely fortunate. We have all that we need ... and more. As a tradition, we do not give Christmas gifts to each other. Instead, we give directly to those we have identified as being in dire need of help.

Please share some happiness, attention and love this Christmas season with the poor and the lonely ... the gift is in giving! Also realize that these folks need us throughout the entire year.

Merry Christmas everyone!


A really great idea...

...A temporary faith. It should be that way for everybody on Christmas. Santa Claus for everybody!!!

Christians can celebrate the birth of Christ and non Christians can celebrate the season's good cheer and a gift giving holiday.

We could all do with a Merry once a year. Jingle bells and Rudolph whose nose was red like Uncle Freddy's!

Really cool ... the gift of Santa Claus... well ...sharing Santa Claus anyway!

Here's hoping Santa Claus is a tradition in the Kolhatkar household!

Have a Merry!

Liberate Santa Claus!!! Free Santa!!! Santa Claus for everybody!!!

This was sponsored by the Santa Claus Liberation Front.


Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm cooking the turkey tonight. :smile:


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Merry Christmas.


I am an athiest living in the NW U.S but I do not witness any "American battle over Christmas". I do see some rightwing extremists attempting to drum up or conjure out of whole cloth a sense of persecution of Christians but this is almost entirely in their too-fervid imaginations. Nearly everyone I count as a friend would likely be viewed as liberal or progressive and precisely none of them have made or are making any attempt to "erase the words "Merry Christmas". " If I wish someone Happy Holidays it is merely a sincere wish that they have an enjoyable season. This is not a one-side-or-the-other issue. On one side perhaps there is an unjustified sense of belittlement and persecution but on the other side (or sides) there is zero animosity or hostility to others' beliefs or religions. Honestly, I could not care less what you believe or who or what you worship.If someone says "Merry Christmas!" to me I smile and return the wish or say "And to you also."


well i say, happy holidays.I think; religion comes from a cultural belief of the way to live in some region.
GOD is the total of all things,God is the living Lord who speaks for the all, god is a supreme being in one way or another. Correct is the true way of life. People have sought truth of life for a long time.


The power of myth


What does someone like me say to someone like you? I hear you railing against religions and notice you aren't talking to me at all. You are talking to some other person who believes in the literal inerrant bible and all of that.

I am the kind of person that religionists and even atheists both get upset about. They both want one or the other. I don't play by either's rules.

To me the bible contains great spiritual truths. It really does. It also contains primitive stories based on oral history which some people insist is literal history.

I believe the bible is filled with truth in metaphors. Filled with truths derived from oral history. For example I believe the Garden of Eden tale is true, yet a fundamentalist would say that I don't believe any of it at all.

I believe the Garden story describes the truth that humans were once in the 'garden' where like animals we were instinctual creatures. We didn't have self awareness as we know it nor abstract thought. Early hominids - early man - were primates and just slightly more advanced than chimps. At some point we evolved greater brains and became less instinctual and able to choose our behavior. We left the garden of instinct and entered the world of choice - choosing right and wrong - we learned about good and evil.

We learned about wearing clothes - something animals don't do. We learned about growing food - Eve's apple is harvested food. The first job of Adam was to name things... what a concept and psychologically brilliant - the very human capacity to name things and of course the creation of language. One is a herder and one a hunter. early mankind in a nutshell.

All true. Eve from a rib is silly. the Garden expulsion is just the truth but as it was remembered through the filter of oral history. The expulsion theme made for a catchier plot line though. A catchier story. Mankind's oldest story that is still being told today which makes it the all time best seller.

What can I say? You want to rant against religions. Well fine then go ahead. I moved past that a very long time ago. What always gets me though is how atheists tell me that I can't believe as I do just as religionists tell me that I can't believe as I do.

To me they both have the same mentality and neither has the courage to think for themselves or the intellectual capacity to come up with what they believe on their own.

What can I say?