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'I Wished They Had Killed Me': CIA Detainee Torture Account Declassified


'I Wished They Had Killed Me': CIA Detainee Torture Account Declassified

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A Guantanamo Bay detainee turned government witness has accused the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of using even more disturbing forms of torture and abuse during secret interrogations than were included in the U.S. Senate's redacted report last year.


Like something out of a Bosch painting. The devil is the oligarch and conservative politicians are the demons torturing the people.


Despite continued proof torture doesn’t work for gaining intelligence, the CIA continues to torture. Surely it has become obvious they are torturing just to torture. There is no expectation of information…they’re just having a good time as sociopaths like to do. Anyone who bought the lie from Cheney they were torturing on a limited basis was only fooling themselves. Once the door to torture is open, it will not shut. Soon it will be accepted practice at every police dept (already is at some).


The horrors perpetrated by men of little or no educational and/or social development is legendary. Many of these psychopaths are harmless until provided with the right conditions and motivations. American police are the most often examples of such perverted behavior. The conduct of military personnel under the cover of “orders” can commit the most hideous of cruelty. However, no matter how deviant a perpetrator of torture, one cannot resolve the mental state of participants, if not instigators, holding licenses to do no harm - as in a Hippocratic Oath. Josef Mengele, a truly demented monster, would be proud of American servicemen for their dedication to inflicting monstrous inhumane pain and suffering.


Oh torture works alright, after some application, you’ll say whatever they want you to say. And that is how they want it to work,


Nobody will admit it but in this particular case it might been used as punishment for a guy on political asylum from Pakistan, gets a US taxpayer education, goes back to Pakistan and funds an organization that organizes attacks against the US.


Oh, well then, that makes it better. Adjudication by the guy with the iron boots and bucket of ice water already ready to implement retroactive punishment; what could be a more reassuring riposte to torture for the fun of it.


Yes, how fitting for a “democracy” that (in the words of W. and O., both) is “the envy of the world”: a physician who authorizes further torture. Just like doctors in Brazil, Chile, Argentina in the 60s and 70s and in other dictatorships. Now who’ll release the good doctor’s name and give Hippocrates some respite?


The ‘effectiveness’ (or lack thereof) of torture is NOT a valid defense of this most reprehensible of U.S. practices. Torture is an abomination and crime against humanity under ANY circumstances. Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeldt, et ux, should all be tried and given the longest sentences possible under law for perverting America.


The answer to that is give the man a fair and open trial and when found guilty by due and proper process of law, convict him with an appropriate sentence. Torturing any person at the Guantanamo torture centre is totally contrary to international law and the Guiantanamo Bay torture centre is an obscenity that has devalued everything that the USA has either stood for or claimed to have stood for. Indeed, given the behaviour of the USA’s civil and military leadership since 2001, the US servicemen who died in the Pacific war against Japan clearly died for nothing.


Turning over national security to psychopaths was such a good idea.

 Torture has been big in the US for years. Police departments and prison wardens-there-know a whole lot more about it than they are ever going to admit to. 
 Sadly, humanity itself is on the most familiar of terms with torture. History is loaded with torture. And--even more sadly--we've learned nothing from it. 
 We haven't evolved past that point as people,  and even those who claim "enhanced interrogation" is necessary to secure our freedom--admit that the use of torture produces no viable information. And yet we continue to do it.  You know what I think? I think people--just--plain--like--it.


Well, I think I can identify at least one of the CIA’s training manuals.

  • 1984. They certainly seem to be very familiar with Room 101.


55 years ago I visited a dungeon in Lyon, France. There were various medieval torture devices on display.

Why did leadership give up torture?

Ineffective? Did it set an example for the proletariat, an example that could be turned on leadership? Like assassination, was there a tacit agreement that if you don’t torture my folks I won’t torture yours?

We in the US have been blessed with two oceans that protect us. Behind these barriers have we failed to grow up? First we eradicated Native Americans, all for the glory of God and Country. Then we engaged in two genocidal world wars. And now, policy seems to be to pit Muslim against Muslim making our eugenics task so much easier in the new war of Messianic Exceptionalism against Messianic Islam.

What if we pause and take stock of who we are and who we want to be?


“A guy…” Unfortunately there are a lot more than one guy being subjected to this. There is probably someone, somewhere undergoing torture in our name right this minute. George Washington forbade the use of torture by his army. Where are all those patriots who love to quote the founding fathers on this subject?


Your post’s use of the term WE suggests an equivalence between sickos who are part of covert Deep State apparatuses and drawn to torture and those who morally oppose it and would never participate in it.

This is not about what “we” have learned or not learned. This is about what unchecked power tends to do since those who are drawn to power–without checks, balances, honest legal frameworks, or transparency–take up these sorts of ends.

The problem is not what “we” have learned. It’s that of power and those who abuse it.

I am tired of this form of ridiculous conjecture.


Bull-shit. When people are fed lies 24/7, and pumped up with jingoistic ideas about American exceptionalism, and macho shows of aggression are celebrated in sports, films, and TV shows… then a higher percentage than would NORMALLY be the case, may salute these measures.

I think your numbers are off on how many Americans support capital punishment since it’s now off the books in plenty of states.

I’ll bet if polls were streamlined for white males in the NRA and other conservative Christians, the acceptance of these punishing, authoritarian measures would poll higher.

Generally, the better the education level the less support for policies that are barbarian.

Nonetheless, you can’t honestly take what’s conditioned into a people through relentless lies and propaganda and argue that the result of that kind of incessant indoctrination represents TRUE opinions. Noam Chomsky coined it rightly–it’s called MANUFACTURING consent. Deception is evil’s most reliable weapon. Too many here blame those who have BEEN deceived rather than those forces DOING the deceiving.


It’s amazing how many people here so thoroughly identify with militarism and ITS initiatives as to constantly equate the WHOLE of the citizenry with what is done by brutal, generally white male dominators.

Few women participated in these measures. For one thing, this nation allotted the kind of freedom to women that’s now seen in Arab lands.

Few Native Americans or Blacks are guilty “as charged” either since both were on the receiving end.

Nor can you blame the waves of immigrants that came in long after slavery and the brutal conquests of colonization.

This painting with ONE generic brush stroke is the real idiocy. It pretends that there is only one way of being and that only the acts of the dominators are valid. By pushing this lie, alternatives to it are discounted as if all human beings now or ever behaved like angry apes.