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'I Would Have No Choice': McConnell Says Senate Will Try Trump If Impeached, Gives No Timeline on Process

Hi health4all…
Wow all those murders with all those "k"s. Maybe of it was MK Konnell…: )

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Trump is a lying fraud, draft dodger, tax evader and criminal who uses his office to enrich his brief, pathetic life. He’s only upset because like a three-year-old he got caught so he lays on his back and kicks his feet and calls for his porn star to rub his ego. Also. These are the white boys walking with Jesus and thirty thousand feet above about four current wars they fetched manhood and pro-life dropping daisy-cutters, buying mercenaries, stealing oil and put baby girls in cages and steal public land. If Republicans think the president can use foreign countries to interfere and win American elections then perhaps they should have a drink, go down to the recruiter because they’re being held back by brown babies and go kill Sand Negroes for Jesus and forty weight. Republicans are scared little boys, too petrified to fetch a honey bun without a gun and Bubba ain’t fetchin no revolution. Trump is a fraud, a megalomaniac with a Napoleonic Complex. Impeach this lying thief and move on to the mass murdering Christian zealot. Reminds me of Tricky Dick screaming just before the choppers pulled him off the South Lawn. Trump is a criminal and Rudy is a “fixer” and Rudy knows way too much for Rudy’s good, especially about 9-11. About eleven of Trump’s men are already indicted and sentenced. Republicans defend Trump because the walls are closing in on them. They don’t play well with others. Stay tuned as Trump turns; the Republican rats are about to jump the Good Ship Impeachment. America is going to be rid of Trump, Rudy and Republicans. Impeach Trump and get the White House fumigated. The Donald is an insult to humanity and literally the meanest man to sell his daughter’s panties in front of the White House Seal. Pathetic.


DC, do you have links proving that vile Mrs. Mitchell, if truly married to that creepiest of creeps, has a family in cocaine dealing?

we should be writing the WH and urging Dump to resign in order to save face. Use whatever arguments you can summon to appeal to his narcissistic need for approval and to his paranoia. He doesn’t give a rat’s tail about what wethepeople want, but he is interested in getting approval points and keeping his own ample ass out of the fire. as stoopid as he probably is, he knows the disgrace of impeachment conviction…if that were to happen. At some point, his arrogance about being above the law will hit “a wall.”

He’s deteriorating. We need to let congresscreeps and the Joint Chiefs of Staff know that he’s about to become very dangerous in his desperation…I don’t know if there are any real constraints keeping him from bombing some country on his own say-so.

Anyone who thinks impeachment is a bad idea, watch this:


Yes, Moskow MkKonnell: the Koroner of House-passed bills, the Konsort & Konsiglieri of this Kleptocratic Kakistocratic Korrupt administration…who deserves to be Klobbered, whether or not his wife’s business is Kokaine-related…

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It bbnis. A real possibility ility… that …is what js so scary…years ago…I would never had worried about it…

That is a good point that needs to be mentioned more- that the Dems in the House just plain need to do their job in enforcing the law and vote to impeach rump. That way the repubs are forced to address the issue. So far, Pelosi is definitely being soft on crime…

Interesting thought stardusBID. If trump is ever hauled before a court, will he be safe the night before. Will his bedroom mysteriously blow up? His helicopter fail? I’m sure he has many tales to tell, and may tell all to save his own wrinkled skin.
No offense intended for my fellow wrinkled skin posters.

Hi Gandolf: Hmmm I wonder if he’ll end up in the same prison as Mr. Epstein? Oh , and will he have a last hamburger and choke on that? Oh and the video will go hazy and unreadable…I suppose. And no one in the prison will know anything. Yes, I can see that happening. : 0