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I Wrote My Way Out: Hamilton Comes to Puerto Rico


I Wrote My Way Out: Hamilton Comes to Puerto Rico

Marking the 264th birthday of the "ten-dollar Founding Father without a father," Lin-Manuel Miranda brought his extraordinary "Hamilton" to a still-ravaged Puerto Rico in a fund-raising effort to "bring the artistic pulse of the community back to life.” A fierce Trump critic and defender of Puerto Rico, Miranda long wanted to do the show there to complete the "poetic circle" of Hamilton's life. "Our stories are important," he says. "Arts are what help us feel whole."


There is no love, there is no life without art. From the caves of France to the isle of Puerto Rico, art defines who we are.


HI Dittton, I agree with everything you said about art —except sometimes it does hide a dark side. Like Hamilton thought the president should be in power for life and so should the senators. LOL, so its probably good that Hamilton died when he did …America never would have survived if he had lived-----or we would have jumped from then to right now when democracy has morphed into a quaint word. : (


Well Hamilton wasn’t an artist, was he? :-))) … when art is applied properly, it exposes the dark-side. It is a reflection in a mirror. S. Dali comes to mind.


HI Ditton, well, I do love Dali. : )


Ya, so do I and my warped mind :-))) Powerful art then is empowering, yes? :-)))


HI Ditton, yes, but even wonderful painting can make a person laugh, like the one with George Washington crossing the river in a boat, while he was standing up! : )
Actually I just read that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling with Adam and Eve sharing a FIG. I thought that made more sense as they supposedly freaked out and wore fig leaves after that : )


Go fig-ure :-)))