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I Yearn for a Society in Which Civility Rules, But These Are Not Civil Times


I Yearn for a Society in Which Civility Rules, But These Are Not Civil Times

Michael Winship
A number of years ago, at the height of the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky insanity, a certain someone figuring prominently in the right’s exploitation of the scandal occasionally lunched with friends of theirs at a restaurant where I hung out on a near daily basis.

To those of us who were regulars, admittedly a progressive sort of crowd, the person in question was loud and overbearing, obnoxiously bragging about the major role they were playing in the whole sordid affair. It put us right off our turkey sandwiches.


Keeping things as civil as possible seems to be very important because things could easily slide into a Nazi Germany situation. All the ingredients are in place. It is critical to follow the old norms as much as possible. Those are the norms of a liberal democracy. The white nationalists are doing all they can to upset these norms. The most obvious are the attacks on political correctness. There is probably no way to win a battle of nastiness against fascist opponents. That is their turf. The main way to win requires the hard work it takes to elect candidates who will oppose Trump and the Republicans. These well publicized episodes of confrontation may have some benefit but it will be the hard work of millions of people out of the spotlight who will make the most difference. And it will take people willing to fund these efforts. Money is also essential. It took the right wing decades to reach the point where they had enough populist support to overthrow the Republican establishment and move toward a right wing authoritarian government. The other side needs to respond with a monumental effort to stop this before it is too late which could be as soon as after the coming election. It should be kept in mind that candidates running for state legislatures who serve four-year terms and candidates for governors in most states will be involved in the drawing of new legislative districts. The potential for further gerrymandering favoring right wing candidates is enormous so the stakes are really high for state as well as federal elections this November. If things go badly in this upcoming election and in 2020 the situation by the 2022 election might reach the point of hopelessness…


Here is what I want:


Repugs threw civility out the window a long time ago. Now that the far right is getting smacked back, and they’re whining about it, is laughable.


Lest we forget, supporters of HRC can be pretty uncivil too.


Civility? Really?

For a nation which is waging illegal wars of aggression on at least seven nations, has Special Operations teams in more than 130 nations, has more than 800 military bases in more than 80 countries, and is accelerating the Climate Crisis and planning to build “more useful” nuclear weapons?

The violence waged against USians here at home via the rigged economy and mass incarceration and police violence against minorities and the deliberate lack of universal health care as well as the deliberate poverty and homelessness policies while the top 10% get richer pales by comparison to the mass murders committed every day by the U.S. Empire’s military as well as its Corporate/Bankster institutions, including the IMF, World Bank, USAID, and National Endowment for Democracy.

Fascism and imperialism are never stopped by “civility”.


Sorry, I think that crosses the line and is offensive. It borders on atrocity propaganda when you compare it to being asked to leave a restaurant.


Please, let’s not make the mistake for calling out Trump for what he is doing–making war on the American people and people all around the world. People will die as a result of his decisions and the willingness of his minions to execute them. This is war. Trump has instituted the patently uncivil demeanor of vitriol, hate and demonomics (spelled so with intent, I assure you). This is not a drill.


Where were your protests against the things Trump is doing when Obama did them, Michael? I remember you and Bill Moyers riding Bush’s tush when he was committing war crimes, but then you went silent when Obama continued doing them.

This selective amnesia is very tiring. History did not start the day Trump was elected you know.


but the history we’ll have since trump got in office is unprecedented in the history of this country. We’ve got to stop it, civility be damned


It is just something to consider, I notice it a lot here. It has consequences not always as you might intend. Your posts are right on, didn’t mean this as a criticism.


MAGA heads are starting to wear brown shirts. But hey, we need civility to rule. Which is why the antifa is forgoing pitchforks and torches, and instead, is proceeding directly with the building of guillotines.
Meanwhile, the oligarchy is watching from a safe distance, unaware that the people are flying under the radar and self-organizing at an increasing rate.


Whataboutism? Drink!
Progressives are protesting against both corporate parties of the duopoly, and their masters the oligarchy. It’s time to hold everyone accountable!


Except when photographs and videos prove the atrocity is real and not propaganda, then that offensive line crossing must be stopped by all means necessary. If you don’t like hangings, then perhaps guillotines are more to your liking?


Sure there are all sorts of terrors in the world but pairing them with other things does raise the bar. You wouldn’t tell “Jonny”, ‘eat all your green beans, Mussolini didn’t and look what happened to him’. And, yes they serve as a reminder that bad things happen. Hangings are usually depicted in a context that is why they were often done publicly. I don’t have a preference.


Excuse me, but this attitude is exactly what allowed the Nazis to take over Germany. We must resist with all our might, else we end where Germany did.

The problem is that you’ve learned nothing about money. Bernie proved you don’t need billionaire or corporate money; instead you can fund politics from the ground up, $27 at a time. Meanwhile, you will cater to your corporate masters to the detriment of the 99%. It seems your learning curve is flat, if not declining.


“Civility” to them means shut up and bend over…


Right. Does “civility” have any relevance to those that commit or that are accomplices or beneficiaries to, mass murder? Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m referring to the entire US ruling class, R’s and D’s.


Sorry, but your comment is complete total bullshit.

If I recall, it was “civility” - especially that of Chancellor Hindinburg, who oh-so-politely gave the chancellorship over to the fascist monster Hitler in spite of him neither winning the election nor his Nazi Party winning a majority of the Reichstag seats.

Yes. Civility kills. Fascism must be destroyed.


Yes, and the German communists who had your attitude also helped Hitler’s rise to power.