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I Yearn for a Society in Which Civility Rules, But These Are Not Civil Times


I yearn for a society in which rational thinking, common sense and basic decency rules…


Did you get what I’m saying? It is probably true Jonny should eat his green beans, also true the Mussolini died a bad death. But when you put them together it most likely is false. Jonny could eat every green bean he sees and still have a bad experience. And so it goes.


In a real democracy, your approach of encouraging civility is certaintly the preferred way to go…but we do not have a real democracy and all one need do to ascertain this is to look at the last election results. So if we maintain our civility while our nation is taken over by corporate money and the conservative courts allow our voting districts to be gerrymandered to ensure continued rule of the minority, we will soon be living in our own personal version of Nazi Germany. No, Lrx, these are desperate times we live in which call for a united (uncivilized if necessary) front against these bastards to take our nation back…or rather, move it forward.


Boy, that’s a non sequitur - and a counter-factual.


Yes. Keep things as civil as possible. Always.
Michele got it right the time she said we go high when they go low.
I really don’t see how the US has been able to keep peace at home so long when it is training so many to do war and create permanent chaos elsewhere.
The lack of civility top down currently portends a desire for tight control of the masses. Trouble is brewing.


Yes, you like green beans. I got it.