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ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize is Humanity's Rx for Survival


ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize is Humanity's Rx for Survival

Robert Dodge


Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to our humanity and the U.N. Treaty, through the work of ICAN, is now our prescription for survival.


Most of the world is still sane. America, not so much!


Nuclear weapons are nowhere near being the biggest problem standing in the way of our survival. The population bomb massively trumps it!. We can’t see, largely because no one wants us to, that our extremely interconnected economy has many flaws that avoid showing that we cannot grow indefinitely in a finite world. In fact we are way beyond correcting this flaw. We are rapidly consuming our natural capital and while we can kick the can down the road by subsiding welfare and production we have to stop growing, which is inconceivable in the economy as it is. Nuclear weapons are just a distraction Probably the spent fuel ponds will matter much more. If we stop maintaining them they will overheat and release massive radioactivity.
Get real!!!


Then again there is some pretty weird stuff out there too, they just don’t have bombs.


This award signals jack diddly shit. Nothing has changed.




I can’t say that giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize did any thing for survival or the nuclear arms race.