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ICC Condemns 'Unlawful' US Attempt to Block Court's War Crimes Investigation Via Threats and Coercion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/icc-condemns-unlawful-us-attempt-block-courts-war-crimes-investigation-threats-and

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This is headed for US isolationism. Just as the citizens here have reached their breaking point with our police state, the rest of the world has reached their limit to what they are willing to put up with from us.
I can’t say that I blame them.


The ‘show of solidarity’ by sixty seven ICC members will most probably amount to just that: a show.
Or does anyone really think members like Britain, France, and Germany have a clean record and are therefore untouchable? The US will make sure they have enough dirt on their adversaries to stop their ‘uprising’.
The Hague has become a place with a dysfunctional institution just like the UN…


Note to the ICC: The United States government has so many “Criminal Politicians” past and present, guilty of a wide range of War Crimes, etc., that we welcome any help in bringing them to justice.

“Wild West Justice Welcomed.”


Probably fantasizing the U.S. getting charged? We can’t hold anybody accountable with our justice system. How could a foreign justice system overcome that?
Nah, no war crime convictions here.

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So what is actually involved in these “sanctions”? Surely there is more involved than just visas, but nowhere in any of the articles I’ve read about this have I seen a listing of exactly what these sanctions entail.