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ICC Denounces 'Unprecedented Attacks' by Trump Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/12/icc-denounces-unprecedented-attacks-trump-administration


Going well beyond the despicable IQ45, we need another Smedley Butler War is a Racket moment to arise in this country to awaken the masses to the folly of funding weapons rather than solutions.


Don’t we usually just ignore the ICC?


…funding weapons rather than solutions

Yep. That’s the continuous problem. Our money is being flushed down the toilet


"The ICC has investigated individuals responsible for some of the world’s most horrific crimes,

Oh really? I guess Iraq, Libya and Yemen were just an oversight?


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, its time for the world to BDS the USA.


Me: Globalist nerdrage intensifies

Edit: Just to clarify, this is not mocking or ironic. The one area where I really am radical is when it comes to international governing bodies, which I believe should have drastically more power.


We’ve been guity for decades.


I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of a military coup of our govt but I believe the time has come because clearly no political people are going to do anything nor do they appear to have the power to do anything to stop this insane man from completely burning this country to the ground before the summer is over. Let the coup begin to get him and his minions out and in a bunker away from Washington DC to save our country. He’s psychopathy is going to erupt in Tulsa. He is inciting riots and violence by the planning of the event on that day. He WANTS to call out the police and military on the public. Just get him out. We cannot wait till November. All legal means were tried. He’s insane and too stupid to be in office.


Like the insurance industry, it’s hard to eliminate peoples jobs without a fight.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs, probably more than insurance jobs have to be addressed. Retraining, unemployment benefits, welfare relief, relocating, all in a depressed jobs market.
I guess I’m suggesting that even with a Smedley or an Ike it will be a difficult change to make.
Keep your toilet plunger handy.


Don’t leave out Syria, though like combative neighbor Israel and central Asian remote rival to Arab Sunni power block of the Arab League and generous to the point of alienating its own impoverished Shia’a majority population, the Shia’a despised minority of the Arab World in Syria’s feudal Alawi family (with some Druze, Sunni and Christian partners) owners of every lucrative and trans national bid-net who have to cover the expenses of the feudal fiefdom known as Syria is its very own deep-pocketed oiligarchical Shia’a Islamic Theocratic sponsor that keeps on giving, namely Iran. Careful House of Assad, Moscow bill-collectors are coming for that Protection Money that Godfather Putin claims is past due!

The rap sheet of documented international crimes is long. However, note from the color coded map cut and paste addressed below that virtually all of Asia is colored in Red.

The actual “ratifiers” of the ICC enforcement regime and lesser committed “signatories” to the ICC in principle are visible on this color-coded map. Where the color red indicates those nation-states that want nothing whatsoever to do with even the concept of an international Criminal Court.

U.S. is shaded yellow, signifying Signatory that has not Ratified. Perhaps so that our republic’s government repesentatives, legislators and Chief Executive face none of the legal liability and travel itinerary considerations faced by such Washington clients as Chile’s Pinochet, Haiti’s Duvalier, Honduras’ Military Coup officers and the civilian Presidents installed with Washington funding, likewise the Sugar Growers Association of Guatemala along with the Mayan genocide perpetrating and Washington trained and financed Guatemalan Military, Panama.

The non-existent ICC court case currently generating interest among legal scholars and trivial pursuit players is the Religious White Right coup leaders in Bolivia who overwrote the democratically victorious and re-elected Evo Morales administration. Since Bolivia has no Electoral College like we have to deal with installing a leader that can’t gain a plurality of votes from more than 2 monopoly parties, why then bi-partisan Washington backed OAS connivance is required in getting rid of popular and re-elected Bolivia’s anomalous indigenous led government now rounded up in prison or in hiding.

Many of Washington’s partners in crime have faced and are now likelier to encounter inconvenient detours to The Hague Criminal Court when traveling to all those meetings where Daddy Warbucks and the Feudal Lords of High Energy\Finance\Insurance\Life Sciences\Tech\Telecomm\ like to meet and greet. And visit their investment portfolios and security lock-boxes for to sip and sup with their Wealth Managers. Gstad, anyone? We’ve reopened!

Meanwhile the Shadow Banking capitals in Bonn, Geneva, Liechtenstein, London, Luxembourg, Paris, Zurich are all shaded green signifying with most of Africa, North America above the Canadian border, all of Central and South America and down under in Australia that they are all card carrying Signed and Ratified Members of the International Criminal Court in that wheeler dealer global trading dynamo EU state of Hollad dba The Netherlands.

When have any of them been prosecuted for any international crime? Money laundering anyone? Pyramid investment structuring fraud?
ttps://asp.icc-cpi.int/en_menus/asp/states parties/pages/the states parties to the rome statute.aspx

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Rebuilding the infrastructure and major shift to “Green” would resolve most of that


If it’s ever going to happen, it is now Phred.
One little thing goes right and we are back in the wait for it mode.
With the worst of the worst of America unfolding before our eyes, it is now that the old mop water be tossed down the drain.
Of course new leadership is required for the move forward, but will “Green” see it’s day anytime soon?

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The United States should be leading the way in upholding international human rights standards,

Sorry, Bernie but no. With US American History of genocide of the First Nations People, the theft of their lives and those of the Africans it captured, enslaved and dragged across the ocean–these crimes have yet to be recognized yet atoned for at all. US America cannot take the high moral ground.


I’m not holding my breath


Trump talks through his ass. His last 5 months are definitely going to be a shitshow.


“and their family members”

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Because the Orange Cheato’s vengeance extends beyond the persons he hates unto their family & associates. Like the KGB went after the relatives as well.
Who says that Trump isn’t a Putin puppet??
Imitation is the mark of influence!!


“Some” of the world’s…
Like sny other Court, depends on evidence they have & can get ~ which is why investigations can take so long & be very complex to pursue.
And then comes some asshat leader who knows he is guilty of serious atrocities, but thinks that he should be above ALL laws that rest of world must abide by, that these monstrous atrocities of the worst kind, are justified when his country does it. So, these asshats do everything they can to block justice for the victims of these horrific crimes, committed against them by foreign militaries who have no empathy for innocent civilians they murder, or other people they torture in ways they know are not acceptable under International Law. These same people oftentimes that once helped approve such laws & would DEMAND justice, were the same obscene atrocities done to their own people!
The worst of those type of murderous monsters, determined not to be judged for their wrongdoings beyond what is allowed in war, by treaties, conventions & such agreed to by world leaders, will sometimes resort to personal attacks & sanctions against ICC & its people, attacking those just doing their jobs. These are indeed, the worst leaders, who do the worst crimes against humanity & like they do against ICC, try to bully nations & peoples into submission & have no moral compass to pull them back from their monstrosities, the worst you can imagine humans doing to each other.
These are exactly who MUST BE prosecuted by this Int’l. Court of Justice!


Sometimes it is those who make biggest mistakes that then learn from them & go on to do great things.
Altho, to do better/great things, one cannot be arrogant & self-serving ~ if so, they have really learned nothing from past mistakes & the rest is all an act!

One hears nary a peep about the activities of the ICC, then at long last…they issue a statement, which seems a rare event.
Doubt Don’s worried, though, as one of W’s first orders of business was to remove the US from participation in the ICC, which raised zero red flags.