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ICC Weighing More Than a Million Statements by Afghans Alleging War Crimes Violations


ICC Weighing More Than a Million Statements by Afghans Alleging War Crimes Violations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

International Criminal Court (ICC) judges are weighing over one million statements from Afghans who allege they are victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by actors in the armed conflict there, including Afghan forces, the Taliban, the CIA, and the U.S. military.


When the 9/11 attack happened, America was livid mad about Mideast terrorists from Afghanistan. While I think America has the right to go after those who are directly responsible for that attack, I do not support a forever war that keeps going year after year with US taxpayers footing the bill requiring billions of dollars each year. It is a war that does not get page one news coverage in the national newspapers. The public does not focus on it, but every now and then a news story leaks out about the exorbitant costs involved in continuing a never ending war. Complicated that we are not at war with all Afghans, just the terrorist groups that pose a threat for having new 9/11 type attacks to America.


Here In Canada and down south of the border , the one person many see as a war criminal was Omar Khadr who at the age of 14 was alleged to have thrown a grenade at a US soldier that was storming the house he was in in order to kill its occupants.

Omar spent 10 years in GITMO being tortured by those champions of “freedom and liberty”.

I read a rather pathetic arguement a short time ago in “The Economist” wherein they were discussing a possible WW111. In that article they spoke of an aggressive China and Russia trying to reassert their military and political dominance in what those Countries considered their sphere of influence and how this could lead to conflict with what they claimed was the country that long championed “Human rights , Democracy and the Rule of Law” , the United States of America.

The media continues as usual in this vein , which why I think this will lead nowhere , that being that the USA or its Western allies can NEVER commit war crimes because they are “Good guys”. It just more pap.


Sorry Mike, there is more than enough evidence to prove the attacks came from inside not outside the US.
I’m all for going after those responsible, but we will find them here not abroad.


Mike, It’s not the money that was ‘stolen’ by the MIC but the lack of honest investigation into the 911 false flag. Astute people know who the cui bono people are, but to reveal it would cause chaos and a political backlash. The 4th Estate is controlled and Americans must remain in the dark for the perpetrators, read perpetraitors, to fully benefit from the wars in the Middle East and around the globe.


I’m not saying it is my theory that Afghans were behind the 9/11 attack, I am simply describing the rationale that got us into a never ending war costing billions of dollars. I am against such wars as most of our 20 trillion dollar national debt has been created by our wars on the other side of the planet.

No random accident that the military industrial complex corporations donate heavily to candidates for office like Donald Trump.


The whole invasion of Iraq was a war crime as far as I am concerned. It was not Afghanis who were responsible for 9/11. I do not know who was behind it but the fact that no public discussion is allowed on it raises my suspicions. We can show documentaries about Bigfoot and the Yeti and the discovery of Noah’s Ark, but not one of the most significant events in US history. Why not?
Guantánamo is a war crime. Abu Ghraib was a war crime. Shock and awe was a a war crime. Rendition is a war crime. Leaders who choose to use military force except when being invaded by a foreign party show no concern for the lives of the innocent. Those leaders are war criminals. War is a man-made catastrophe.


When I think about it, all of our movies about war do not seem to question the idea of war itself. They focus on heroic individuals making war seem justifiable and entertaining. When everything uses the same starting point we are being groomed to accept that war is inevitable and acceptable. How about going back to the months before shock and awe when millions were out on the streets demonstrating against it? Where’s that movie?


The US law professor Francis Boyle led the legal efforts to convict Bush & Co of war crimes in Malaysia in 2012, and I think most of the witnesses brought were Iraqi.

I hope the ICC might consult with him regarding any such efforts in Afghanistan. It has been a long time coming.


So does American TV. Almost every series, beit cops n robbers, Navy Seals, All-American heroes, or whatever, comprise little other than death, death, death. This is deliberate. It is designed to a) normalize murder as a legitimate activity if someone in a uniform says it is, b) only Americans can be the good guys, c) desensitize the public to death and voilence in order to create apathy.
Then you wonder why kids pick up guns and blow the crap out of school colleagues who have offended them somehow.
Quite frankly, it goes back to two things:
White supremacy [brown skinned, or slanty eyed people can never be allowed to decide their own future] and
Live by the sword, die by the sword.


And we wonder why those mentally borderline and insane resort to violence. We have incinerated a million plus innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, cops are killing unarmed black people, our computer games are generated to desensitize us to violence and we pontificate about some nut case with an AR and armor-piercing shoots up our civilian population. Our cherished NFL is the most violent game on the planet competing with NHL for top spot. And we stand around with false sad faces asking WHY?


Good question! The answer from my perspective, is the egregious, traitors that orchestrated 9/11 and murdered 3,000 innocent American citizens in cold blood, have managed to hide behind the gatekeepers of the Fourth Estate, which supports their Fourth Reich.

I do not know what happened on 9/11. But to paraphrase Hitler: make the lie big; keep repeating the big lie, in the MSM, over and over for the last 17 years; and eventually the sheeple will believe it!


There’s really no evidence to support the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, nor can the official conspiracy theory be supported by the laws of physics. No action but a criminal investigation can rightfully follow the 9/11demolitions.


Yes, I think the military, CIA and FBI were eager to go after Osama Bin Laden, but then problem is we are just a bunch of infidels in Afghanistan alienating the entire population with a gang of Western non Muslim infidels running around their country. Which irritates the local populations, they take a few shots at the infidels and badda bing badda boom, the troops are still there after over a decade consuming billions of taxpayer dollars.