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Sarah Lazare, staff writer

For the mere act of submitting documents to the International Criminal Court in the Hague providing information about human rights violations and war crimes, Palestinian officials are falling under a barrage of threats and rebukes from U.S. lawmakers and the White House.

Palestinian officials face a barrage of threats and condemnation from the United States for turning to the International Criminal Court for restitution for human rights violations and war crimes.


Threat and Rebukes from Israel and the US.
Looks like the Palestinians are doing the right thing.
Judicial review is required when the Criminals are Governments


I do not think Israel need worry too much: The International Criminal Court, like our domestic courts has shown itself to be more interested in locking up Africans.


Ishmalav, “Your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear” Sabotage


The tone and unpleasant nature of comments on this subject reminds me of the very nasty postings on a Russian website discussing the Ukraine war. Putin’s people - simply abusive, foul-mouthed !hugs.
Likewise here we have attacks on any who think Israel has something to answer for.
For decades Israel has seized and occupied lands which belonged once to others. Those others have been relegated tto ‘second-class’ non-citizen status - as happened in apartheiid South Africa and under British rule, to the aboriginal peoples of Australia etc.
For decades Israel’s illegal settlements have been built on occupied land. And now there is that ugly wall, clearly showing what a good neighbour Israel is - NOT!.
All this because Israel can count on support from the US. But this support has been costly, especially in terms of the explosion of terrorism throughout the Middle East, the emergence of Al-Qaeda and now ISIS.
Thee old Greek myth about a field ploughed and sowed with dragon’s teeth, which then spring up as so many fully armed men, ready to fight each other: that’s the Middle East now.
And due to this there are thousands of refugees trying to flee the area… What a mess!


Really CharSkel? Unpleasant nature of comments? We are talking about the systematic destruction of a persecuted minority on their historic homeland. Where the standard op for Israelis is to push, push harder and if those pushed around try to stop them, claim that Israel is a victim and murder, maim, peoples children en mass.

I would like you so show me where going softly into the night, actually worked to the benefit of an oppressed minority in the face of prolonged immorality backed by freely used military force.

Being nice simply will not work.


The ICC gives the comforting illusion that there is a rule of law and when countries don’t abide by it there is a venue where they’ll be held accountable.

That’s why Bush, who authorized torture and the invasion of two countries who were no threat to the U.S., is being prosecuted.


The fact is the ICC only prosecutes those too weak to stand up to it - deposed leaders or those from very small countries.

If the ICC decides to pursue the matter further it will be because the U.S. has signaled it will not actually oppose it - in spite of its public protestations.


That’s like saying murderers shouldn’t be prosecuted because they aren’t serial killers - although Israel has killed more Palestinians than all U.S. serial killers combined.

It’s also like saying shoplifters shouldn’t be prosecuted because they aren’t bank robbers - although Israel continues to steal Palestinian land.

You’ll have to do better than that ZT.


ZT, pretending the slaughter of over 1,400 civilians, including over 500 children, in the 50 Days of Operation Protective Edge last year is the equivalent of a face slap only shows how desperate you are to minimize the crimes of Israel.


there can never be a humane dialog with zionist idealogues. The death of Semitic peoples is their goal and a Eretz Israel is the vision. AIPAC controls the U.S. and the spineless congress.


I’m not sure ZT (Zionist Troll aka Ishmailav) is a human. ZT comes off as a bot with a rudimentary analogy engine. ZT’s responses are very literal - but slowly are getting to seem slightly less so. So ZT may be a bot that can learn. This may sound like a tin foil hat theory - wait a minute - it slipped down over my ear again - but I think that advances in interpretation of meaning/speech mean such bots are now possible. After all, it’s been 50 years since Eliza was written Chat with Eliza the Rogerian Psychotherapist

People in the Israeli government have frequently complained about losing the propaganda war and the Israeli Foreign office in '06 was urging people to use “Megaphone” software to post pro-Israeli propaganda on social websites “Israel’s newest PR weapon: The Internet Megaphone”. The government actually pays college students to post pro-Israel information on websites/social media Students paid for propaganda posts We also know Israel has been working on AI technology with IBM Watson in Israel.

So, while ZT may not be a bot (although I don’t think Ishmailav would pass the Turing test) if they aren’t here already, they’re coming.

Darn, maybe I should put some tape on this tinfoil. It just refuses to stay in place.


Have you personally killed a Palestinian child?


Given your hateful posts regarding gay marriage, you should find a certain kinship with Ishy.


Would you kill Palestinian children by proxy? With full knowledge and support?