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ICE Director Brags About How Much He's 'Enjoying' Tearing Immigrant Families Apart


ICE Director Brags About How Much He's 'Enjoying' Tearing Immigrant Families Apart

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Riding high off two recent widely denounced deportations that ripped apart immigrant families who have called the U.S.


Terrifying. I imagine Hitler’s SS and East Germany’s Stasi enjoyed their jobs as well.

This IS the United States of America…right?


I’m so proud to be an Amerikan.

He looks like J Edger Hoover’s bastard son. Wonder if he is also a cross-dresser.


The open depravity, greed, and vindictive malignant agenda/nature of this most odious prez and regime in American history! ALL its cabinet positions, ALL policy decisions, and corrupt “regulatory” agencies, so destructive and dedicated to exploitation, wealth and greed, it has reached such epidemic, destructive, predatory, proportions that it threatens the survival of the Republic and people - A Clear and Present Danger to our very survival that ARE treasonous and capital crimes! Are there no actual “patriots” with the wisdom and courage to speak-out against this, or are they all too complicit, craven, or timid to do so?

Are all elected “representatives” - who took an oath to defend our nation from “all enemies, foreign and domestic” - as well as the Constitution - so buffaloed by the orange POS traitor and his vindictive BS, they have lost their honor and integrity?


Homan is suffering from a uniquely American sickness that plagues, unfortunately, a sizable chunk of the US population - the combination of white privilege, entitlement, and xenophobic fear. In America these views have been entrenched and extreme for a long time.


Yup, for all practical purposes anyone who self-describes as a “conservative” these days is basically a vile heartless thug.


Herr Homan is a perfect fit for the Fourth Reich. Evil to the core.


Cold as ICE.


I’m sure I’d enjoy tearing him apart.


“There’s a special place in hell for those who get off on broken families and profit off of incarcerating innocent people.”

My thoughts exactly .


No surprise here, considering that nearly all Trump appointees and many Trump voters have proven to be sadistic sociopaths or psychopaths.

Fortunately, few foreign leaders are appeasing Trump the way so many foreign leaders appeased Hitler.


As to your question - no, its the Disunited States of Amerikkka thanks to Trump Scum like this hard-hearted asshole.


I put to you the possibility that this is now Trumpvilleastan.


Here in California, we have mixed feelings about Mexican and other immigrants that routinely show up each year in our agricultural fields harvesting and planting crops. Everything from lettuce to grapes depends on their hard work during the hot part of the year. If suddenly our agricultural workers were taken from us by a racist president, the state economy would take a very direct hard hit. If that happens, Trump is going to get a very direct hard hit from California in his re election campaign.

I grew up here in California and have had many Mexican American friends and value the experience of multi culturalism. Some of my closest friends through high school, college were Mexican Americans. So my attitude is this ICE directors needs to get fired. Racism should not be tolerated for those directing federal agencies. This director needs the Spanish nick name “El Pene Grande.”


With a position like this, I should think Homan (hmm… ironic… a mis-spelling of Human) would be (borrowing his own expressions here:) “uncomfortable” and constantly “looking over [his] shoulder[s].” Somebody might take it into their head to “send him packing”.


Warning* giving vent without filter… I hope an errant meteor makes a direct hint on this disgusting excuse for a human being and splatters him to the four winds…


It’s pretty certain J. Edgar never got anyone pregnant.


Way back there in our excellent HS concert band we played a wonderful Spanish march entitled Gallito. The sheet music bore the subtitle (for all us anglos) of “Little Cock.”


It gets more sinister. This ‘Black Site’ has been in existence for a while:


So many of these Trump sycophants express cruelty and ruthlessness, these are not the people we want in government. This entire administration needs to be thrown out on it’s ear. NOW.