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ICE Head Made First Public Appearance. It Didn't Go Well


ICE Head Made First Public Appearance. It Didn't Go Well

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made his first public appearance leading the agency on Tuesday evening at an event in Sacramento, Calif., where—inside and outside of the forum—he was met with strong opposition from lawmakers and immigrant rights advocates.


"Trumps inhumane and counter-productive mass deportation is unconstitutional and will fail."


What was that reference to "double taxation" about in that one tweet? Does anyone know?


Something just dawned on me: the immigration law is requiring local law enforcement agents. That legally federalizes all law enforcement. That's the kind of police police states have, or small countries, like South Korea. Either way, if martial law were declared, local police must respond. Also the point of the double-tax was something i haven't thought about. Nice :smiley:


I just saw a video from the event. A Holocaust survivor got up and told the Sheriff he should represent the citizens here, that he was elected to represent Sacramento, not the federal government. He told Homan that he is on the wrong side of history.


Good to see state legislatures doing something against the Trump insanity.


Good question. Perhaps it means Californians are being taxed twice for immigration enforcement when their police departments are forced by the feds to take up ICE related enforcement actions. From everything I've read, it's a stretch to make the double taxation case. It's far easier to make a case for misappropriation of taxpayer funds.