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ICE Is Terrorizing Immigrants. Now Some Communities Are Putting It On Trial.


ICE Is Terrorizing Immigrants. Now Some Communities Are Putting It On Trial.

John Washington

In ten events in ten different cities, from February to May, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is being put on trial. The Detention Watch Network, a coalition of organizations focused on the injustices of immigration detention, has organized people’s tribunals to hold ICE’s history of abuse and oppression up to public scrutiny.


Ah yes, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Such a pity.


At the root of this is one word: “Homeland”.


Only We the People can stop these Gestapo tactics.

Organize, Organize, Organize.


This is a great fight-back tactic and can be employed in many areas of political-economic struggle. Kudos to Detention Watch Network for doing the courageous and hard work of organizing these Peoples’ Courts.

Solidarity and NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!



This is a manifestation of racism. It is also criminal abuse of children.
There is an international treaty about children’s rights, but while the United States government played an active role in the drafting of the Convention and signed it on 16 February 1995, it has not ratified it, according to the Wikipedia article on the Convention.

Among other rights, the Convention gives children the right to be raised by their parents. (Article 7)


Not sure why there even are “ICR detention centers” where people are held for longer than 24 hours. This is the 21 Century, how long does it take to figure out someone’s immigration status? They’re legal, let them go. They’re illegal deport them.

BTW, lone the name “people’s tribunals”, where the accused side is nit invited. Maybe the accused can be picked up by “people’s commissars”.


What will the enforcers at Ice do as the US falls further into decay and splinters into various states and alliances? What will the militarized police do? Who’s border is who’s?

Can totalitarian capitalism hold the police and army together when they are ordered to fight Americans as enemy of the spies and pentagon? After all, the American enemies are simply living day to day while ignoring orders.

How much will police have to be paid to gun down masses of people in neighborhoods? How will they know who is a mob and who is the mob trying to get to work on time?


A side issue we should note, this is giving our government a lot of new practice
in rounding up people and holding them for long periods of time – and increasing
the numbers of people they can hold at any time – and the facilities they need to
that – plus the manpower.

A lot of money going into developing and perfecting fascism’s control over the public.