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ICE Plan for Massive Raids in California Slammed as Attempt to 'Incite Fear' in Communities of Color

ICE Plan for Massive Raids in California Slammed as Attempt to 'Incite Fear' in Communities of Color

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If you see ICE carrying out a raid, film them. If they ask to be let into your building, don't let them in. If they talk to you, don't answer them."

First they came for…and then…
Rise up! Refuse Fascism.
The Fourth Reich must be stopped.


This Trump federal government ICE Plan is going to “hit the fan” here in California. I think there is a strong argument against federal intervention and this clearly being a states sovereignty issue. Especially in trying to use local law enforcement to enforce federal laws. We are not talking about immigrant “moochers” here, we are talking about a large percentage of our field workers that are planting, growing and harvesting crops for a booming agricultural industry.

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After there are no more people left for ICE to raid, who is next? This has to be stopped! Otherwise, someday someone will need to write a book: AMERICANS, THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE FREE.


When I was in Alabama, 30,000 field workers, legal and illegal both , left the state during the growing/harvest time because their children were being made to fill out troubling details in schools. Alabama had to beg for them to cime back, as I remember. 2010?

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Glad to see someone in the article called this crap ‘fascist.’ ICE is acting straight out of the Nazi playbook, and I DO NOT think it’s a bluff, nor a scare tactic. These jackbooted dotards mean to hurt people, innocent and /or kids. I don’t understand why more people aren’t screaming about the parallels with Nazi Germany. (Maru Villalpando’s interview with Amy Goodman was very articulate and cogent…she called out the fascism and said ICE is also targeting community leaders who dissent and who are helping folks know their rights… and these guys are being disappeared suddenly and deported.)

I think Amerika has no clue how close she is to full blown Nazi crap.

Of course, without armed dissent, how do we stop the Sieg heil wave bearing down on us?

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Show “A Day Without Mexicans” to the idiot congressmen and legislators.

Ryan adores Ayn Rand? That was one psycho *****. He wants to make this the US of Randia… which is worse…Rand crap or handmaiden?

ICE agents are going to get “iced” if they keep carrying out their “Stormtrooper” raids for Darth (Donnie Little Hands) Vader.

We the People must prepare ourselves for that eventuality Toni.

I have conversed with ex-military and they are aware some sort of reckoning may come. Their take on this situation is that 75% of active military are extremely displeased with the current state of affairs.

Our generation must organize and resist the Fascists with every breath we have.

Both parties of the Duopoly are complicit otherwise there would be more movement to organize in larger numbers.

If anyone here is still addicted to either party of the Duopoly, you have been duped royally, and you had better WTFU now before the shit begins flying towards us all.

Absolutely. If three thousand of us arm ourselves with our pitchforks and torches, we can handily defeat the world’s most advanced nuclear military. Let’s go!

LOL! I need some of whatever you’re smoking (if you were being serious)!
Do you KNOW what all weaponry they brought in to use against peaceful protesters at Standing Rock? And that ain’t HALF of it.
Furthermore, go back in history. The powers that be have no compunctions about massacring any group they don’t like.

PB, I hears ya. But you’ve heard me say repeatedly: operationalize “must organize and resist the Fascists with every breath we have.” If I’m a fly on the wall, what specific actions do I see the resistance DOING?

I know about the Israeli soldiers who are opposed to nutenyahoo’s murderous orders. I know about the (short-lived?) opposition of Honduran police who refused to move in on their people in revolt. What LE or military people here have refused to hurt us?


What Law Enforcement Officer or Active Military Soldier is going to maim or kill someone holding a sign saying, “Peace” “Love” and “Fascist Trump Must Go”?

Seriously, this won’t be Standing Rock again.

This will be in broad daylight, men and women of all ages, not 3,000 but 30,000 minimum, more in some locations like Washington DC, less at Statehouses and Courthouses all across the country, millions in total.

Sure, if a protester is pushed, they’re going to push back, but water and sound cannons on peaceful protests in broad daylight occurring simultaneously nationwide, highly unlikely.

Does anyone here want to live the rest of their lives under the kind of future you all envision and describe in your comments here on Common Dreams?

Not me.

PonyBoy, as always, you are far more optimistic than I and much less cynical about human nature than I. I hope YOU are the one whose beliefs and faith prevail. (Yech, I’ve been in politics too long…jaded.)

As for living in a Nazi regime…nah, I’ll pass.

Do you think if we succeeded in getting rid of Dump and his throne, the Thugs would continue his dastardly deeds?

Only if they wish to endure a violent, prolonged revolution.

so the bubble of the illusion of freedom is about to be popped. is this our crossroads?

I hate it when I have to include a /s on something that is so obviously sarcasm.

Sorry… I DID leave room for that explanation. :smirk:
Please cut me/us some slack… I don’t think I “know” you, so it’s harder to read you. Plus some of us are juggling so many balls, we might drop one or two occasionally.

I did some more reading on the Christian Dominionists last night. If Pence and THAT crew are in control, then we’re in even deeper sh**. Witness the dept of “Health and Human Services” and their nice little office of civil rights announcement yesterday…medical personnel can now deny services, even emergency, to someone who violates the med person’s moral or religious beliefs…read that gay, transgenders, HIV/AIDS-affected people, IVDUs, etc.

Not sure that’s what their god intended… they’re the worst kind of zealots…and hooking up with wannabe nazis…yikes… they all make me hope there IS a Hell.

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