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ICE Raids, Asylum Seekers and the Othering of People of Color

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/20/ice-raids-asylum-seekers-and-othering-people-color

The Idea of America was that America was an Idea. Those troglodytes that cannot comprehend Progress within the context of that Idea follow lockstep behind the divider-in-chief. Their self-reinforcing ignorance will harm them and their progeny for quite some time, as Progress is inevitable, if not painfully slow for many of us here at CD.

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In the 1990s Terrance Mckenna asserted that the universe is a novelty producing engine and conserves the new as a basis on which to generate further new domains

We are interdependent whether it is recognized or not. We live with a social/linguistic construct that has ‘externalized’ (read predatory capitalism since the Roman emporer Constantine) the actual necessity of diversity by projecting its singularity with a paranoia born of inaccuracy.

I could not agree more with this, thanks. In the (brilliant yet unwritten) novel composed in my mind I refer to universities as complexity factories. They well serve capitalism by the fact that complexity creates problems that did not previously exist. Generating such niches requires an ever-expanding “economy”. Living on a finite planet ultimately fucks the whole thing up. Perhaps Karma will apply a fixative agent in a parallel universe. The older I get the more I realize it’s not my job–and the pay sucks.

Have a feeling Karma and BigMomma are peering at the shenanigans of DNC / DCCC and their puppet masters, through the lens of time, at their rear-view mirror speed chase headed for the wall.
Sometimes knowing when to get out of the way and ride the cusp of change instead is what is most important. To wit - looking at the yin/yang, it has been noted that what is important is not dark side and not the light side, but the elegant interface

I run an organization that serves immigrant families. I do a lot of counseling with them about how to remain safe. I feel like I’m running an underground railroad, helping hunted people avoid being torn from their children and sent back into desperate and inhumane circumstances.

“I feel like I’m running an underground railroad…”

Basically, you are, not much different from the slave days of yesteryear. But don’t fret, you are doing a moral and just positive action. Thank you, and keep up the good work. By the way I’m seeing more and more stories about how frustrated ICE is getting because of actions like yours, that means it’s effective and working. And that’s a good thing.

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Cornel West on the fascist vortex.

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Our right-wing friends always complain about the least successful of us, and that instead of a helping hand we should be pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.
Now that we have hard working legal and illegal immigrants doing just that, it’s not good enough.
Being a white male of privlige must still be in vogue.

Maybe it was not so much the color of the native Indians, or the color of slaves that was the problem: it was, at least initially more the way of easily identifying them, albeit the color part did morph into a standalone basis of discrimination.

Say goodbye to this facile, fashionable, "White Supremacists” end-of-discussion label, evoking conflict based on color: Maybe it’s not the color they don’t like: It’s the loss of, or undue swamping of, their culture that they fear… Hell, they helped elect a black President. Maybe “Cultural Supremacists” would be closer to the mark. They just don’t want a President wearing a burka speaking Somali - even if she’s white.