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ICE Raids May Scare Abuse Survivors Into Staying With Partners, Advocates Fear


ICE Raids May Scare Abuse Survivors Into Staying With Partners, Advocates Fear

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's mass immigration raids—which have swept up longtime residents with no criminal histories, including an undocumented immigrant with license to live and work legally in the U.S.—have also led to the arrest of a Texas woman obtaining a restraining order against an abusive partner.


"Women have been targets of several high-profile raids under President Donald Trump"

Seriously, Nadia? 600 "undocumented immigrants" were arrested last week. Somebody found 3 women among them, and suddenly "Women have been targets".

here's the view from Vox, not really a bastion of conservatism:

". Nothing that ICE did last week was unprecedented. But it feels different with President Trump in the White House"

"For the most part, last week’s raids wouldn’t have been out of place in the early years of the Obama administration. ICE agents didn’t (despite rumors to the contrary) set up street-level checkpoints to demand proof of citizenship of anyone in passing cars. They didn’t sweep through whole apartment buildings and arrest whole blocks’ worth of immigrants. They didn’t deliberately target immigrants simply for being in the country without papers."


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Really? That's your argument?

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Not sure where you got the money worship part. But you progressives have been flailing around ever since Queen H suffered a most humiliating defeat so I'll let it slide.