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ICE Separates 18-Month-Old From Mother for Months


ICE Separates 18-Month-Old From Mother for Months

Amrit Cheng

At this very instant, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is depriving an 18-month-old child of his mother, separating the two in immigration detention. Mirian, a 29-year-old mother from Honduras, is currently detained in T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas, while her toddler is kept in a facility in San Antonio, some 120 miles away.

Their ordeal has already lasted two months.


There is no question that ICE needs to be disbanded NOW. These are some sick SOB’s.
Who with any conscience would separate a 18 mo. old from their mother.
Family values my ass.


This level of horror has been going on since the neoliberal Obama Administration imprisoned more immigrants and deported more immigrants than any administration in U.S. history. This, while privatizing the immigrant Gulag that stretches from New Jersey to the frontier with Mexico.


Republican “family values” in action.


Exactly. So again, I’m writing both my eunuch senators to denounce the Nazi DHS & ICE and Congress’ torpor. Oh, my bad. One of them finds some temporary absorbable balls when it comes to marijuana.

Also writing Kirstjen Nielsen and the SS men under her.

Public outcry? I don’t know what the hell else to do besides hope these vile organisms contract a vile disease like Ebola.


Nothing but fucking Nazi’s.


Dan, I wrote letters to DHS and both senators. I excoriated them in clear language for their Nazi-prototype policies and behaviors and demanded, at the least, an investigation into Nielsen’s vile lies about not separating many children from their parents…all terrified fleeing emigres from countries we’ve helped become Hell. Who in the bloody hell separates a baby and puts mother and child in separate detention “facilities”?

I can’t believe how low America has stooped…and actually, I thought it was at a lowest point way before Dump and his excremental walking forms took office.

I’m beyond sick…again…still.

Btw, google Nielsen…my bet? Alternet calls her an opportunist. I’m sure other words apply. Thomas Homan is a sub-human if ever I saw one.


Join ICE! Enjoy a rewarding career. Leave your heart and your soul at the door. They are
frowned upon here!


America - Beacon of human rights, is actually Amerika - Bastion of human wrongs.
Separating a baby from its mother is torture for both. Now we’re torturing babies and proud of it.
Our leaders are the scum of the Earth. We need a matriarchal movement to balance out the testosterone poisoning the patriarch dishes out in the name of righteousness! As if Jesus gives a rat’s ass about borders. I just saw a bumper sticker this evening that summed up the Corporate Christian racist war-mongering. “God Bless the Troops, Especially the Snipers.” The Lord of Love/Prince of Peace must be SO proud!


yes! a matriarchy works best for everyone.


Maybe. But, on the other hand, Barbara Bush has long been dubbed a “matriarch,” and look what her family has done for the world. If women like Barbara Bush, Gina Haspel, Sarah Palin, Kay Ivey (the Alabama governor who voted for Roy Moore despite “believing the women”), Laura Ingraham, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Kelly Ann Conway, Sara Hucka-sanders, etc., etc, etc. become our matriarchs, we will still have a kakistocracy.


many native american tribes and nations, such as the cherokee lived in a matriarchal society. difficult it is to understand for those of us in a patriarchal paradigm. it’s not actually a case of “who’s the boss?” because both men a women chose their path. the cherokee women were in charge of the children, the home, the gardening while the men hunted, fished, drummed and danced. well, that pretty simplistic.

we oh so civilized ones call these societies primitive as if they had no cultural development. however, men made tools, canoes, musical instruments, jewelry as well as other creations and, yes, weapons should war become necessary. of course the women developed culinary arts, designed cooking utensils, jewelry and more. women did make all decisions in home management and in early child rearing. her brother or closed male relative guided the young boys into manhood.

should war seem the only option the war chief formed a council of elders men and women to discuss the details and hopefully find better options. all soldiers were male. yes, i’ve heard barbra bush called the matriarch of her family, but that’s not what i mean by matriarchy which in reality is a system of mutual respect AND respect for Nature!

imagine you work at your craft all day or hunt or fish to bring home food. the women take care of the home front, work on their crafts, etc and prepare the evening meal. we all dine together around the campfire–the men fill their plates first 'cause they need a lot of food. then the men play music, sing and dance while the women enjoy the religious entertainment. the best part is they see earth as a living Mother to resppect and never exploit.


I understand what you’re saying, and I respect it. I was afraid my comment might have been perceived as a push-back against matriarchy, which was not my intent, so I’m glad you didn’t respond that way. Patriarchy clearly has not worked, and cannot be defended even as it persists. Matriarchy has greater promise, but will meet with incredible resistance, particularly from religious institutions that have devalued women (i.e., most of them). What I would dream of, if I had any hope left on which to pin dreams, is a society and culture that valued people’s abilities regardless of their gender, and no one would know if it’s a matriarchy or patriarchy because it wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, we’ll need to make it through the ongoing patriarchal bloodbath in the Middle East and the impending patriarchal blood bath coming, in all likelihood, for the rest of us as World War III. Indeed, it we make it through the 6th extinction, maybe things will be different.


yes! i like that.

all any of us can do now is stay alert, keep on our toes and help one another. so, how will the world end; with a bang or a whimper? maybe first a bang and then a whimper? hopefully some will survive who have learned a lesson?

“When systems fall, when things break down … people remain. Don’t be afraid of what comes next. Be ready.”—Ed Snowden


Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have way too much power. There is no structural authority governing their actions. This permits out-and-out thugs, who apparently answer to no personal moral authority, from exercising sadistic tendencies in their dealings with almost exclusively Hispanic immigrants. Where are our checks and balances? How can the Executive Branch condone such behavior without intervention from the Legislative and/or Judicial Branches? Why are there not civil lawsuits from civil liberties organizations? Why are Congressional committees not holding ICE accountable for this behavior.

Why is America morphing into Nazi Germany before our very eyes and NOBODY GIVES A DAMN!