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ICE: You're Not Welcome in the South

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/ice-youre-not-welcome-south


Thanks to you, your organization, and your activism Justin. Thanks for standing together with just folks trying to live a decent life.


This essay brought tears to my eyes. I live in Arkansas, and likewise, we have a lot of chicken processing plants, chicken farms, rice fields, and other agriculture. We also have a lot of Latinx people here for the work. I worked at a big box building supply company, and met and got to know a lot of Latinx workers and their families. They are very hard-working people who adore their kids above everything, and want to make better lives for them.

They are not rapists and criminals. They are people like other people, with similar aims and ambitions. They are warm and funny and generous. I loved my customers and co-workers, and I find it so hard to fathom the depths of hate so many in the US have for these people.


The true meaning of “family values”


SO, maybe ala. can be saved. here, in tx, most feel as you do. we get the most here. i’m 61 & never had a problem w/any. just outside houston. my hubby’s entire family is from al. & they’re magas. but, they have good hearts. they just buy everything this monster says & does. and the young ones, nieces & nephews are educated. not a bunch of back-woods hicks. how can we get thru to 'em?. they’re in sylacauga & hartsells. my tx GOP is all crooks, except hurd, who’s bowing out, cuz he sees the writing. 2020 will be my last pres. election. i need to see tx blue. i was sobbing by the end. you wrote smartly & eloquently. thank you for giving me hope for hubby’s birth state.


Do we need to support research into permanently darkening the skins of racists, in order to show them what it is like to be one of the people they are against?

As a fellow Alabamian, although I no longer live there, I support this message and wholeheartedly agree!

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