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Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

Iceland Becomes First Country to Punish Companies for Paying Women Less Than Men

Julia Conley, staff writer

"In Iceland, an example of what happens if you actually elect women."

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The US is quickly becoming a regressive third world country.


First? Any discrimination based on sex can be punished in Australia.

Iceland is not the first country in the world. Canada has Employment Standards Acts in each Province and Federally that states women must get equal pay to the men doing the same work. If you are caught and the matter is litigated the company can be fined.
Alan Levy, Canada

Is it even true women are paid less than men? I used to, like everyone else, believe it and take it as a given until this research, by a woman, made me doubt my presumption.


Like other posters above, I’m curious why this is seen as a ‘first’ for Iceland, as there is similar legilsation in force already across the EU, and has been existent in the UK since 1975.

If that research was done by some woman of the persuasion such as Rep. Virginia Foxx, I wouldn’t trust a single word of it. Just because it was written by a woman doesn’t mean anything regarding its validity.
There were women who supported Roy Moore. Does that mean Roy Moore isn’t a sex offender? You would be gullible to make such a conclusion. Historically, women have most certainly been paid less than men. I’d need lots of hard proof that the world is a better place now before I’m convinced. Do you just excuse a serial killer because he says he doesn’t kill people anymore? I need a hell of a lot more convincing than a bit of cheap sweet talking.

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Sounds like its rather difficult for you to wrap your head around.
Ever heard of pay charts? Obviously not.
See if you have the mental capacity to figure this out. Suppose the women in an organization get raises and paid the same hourly rates. However, the men get their raises after working for 6 mo. But for some reason the paper work for the women takes longer to process for some reason no one seems to be able to figure out and the women don’t actually start recieving their pay raise for another month or 5, making it anywhere from 7 to 12 mo when they actually see the raise on their pay check. Are the women being paid the same? You look at their pay rates and you see that they are all getting $7.50 /hr. Is that really the same? How gullible are you?

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Is it even true women are paid less than men? I used to, like everyone else, believe it and take it as a given until this research, by a woman, made me doubt my presumption.


Hob –

Are you really unaware that there are professional anti-feminists who speak for the right wing?
Kate Andrews is one of them.

Institute of Economic Affairs
The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) is a London-based, influential, right-wing think tank. It is part of a very wide international network of similar organisations, offering financial, operational and strategic support to a large number of these

I think probably you could have simply looked out at the world of women in patriarchal societies to see that all over the world women have been oppressed and sexually abused and certainly suffer low wages and are barred from participation in governments.

Here in the US until the 70’s women frequently worked for only 50% of the salaries that males made.

That of course continues to effect their Social security benefits even today …
and, of course, most males know that their wives Social Security benefits are usually much
lower than theirs, though women often returned to work after raising children.
Again, pretty much any male in the US can attest to that reality.

And women here in the US were long barred from even gaining educations or professional careers.

There are major issues before us today in regard to continuing sexual abuse/harassment of women.

Chief Justice Roberts has suggested that these issues will be reviewed.
It would be best if he began with the Supreme Court’s own sexual abuser and pervert – Clarence Thomas – who reached the SC via the rigging of the Hearings by then Sen. Joe Biden.

Oppression of women by patriarchal societies is fairly well known …

Organized patriarchal religions which still exist labelled women “witches” for their knowledge of plants as medicines and for their healing knowledge and burned them at the stake over a few centuries. And still preach their spiritual “inferiority” – and bar them from authority and ritual within these churches.

Other male-dominated societies found other ways to cripple women and their abilities – foot-binding was one way – and Female Genital Mutilation was another. There are still more than 100 million living women today who have suffered that torture and life-long suffering.

Our Founders actually created an “Elite Patriarchy” here while proclaiming "all are equal."
They endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Ok, thanks for pointing out where she comes from, I should have checked that, as I usually do, but just presumed she was some random, impartial academic and her argument about how statistics are presented seemed truthful and feasible, but now I know she works for Thatcherite think tank, I’ll keep a skeptical frame of mind about her claims.

Yeh, I agree with all your other points, you’re preaching to the converted about those, I was just concerned with this statistical argument about pay inequality.

She is how you describe, as I’ve discovered from Greenwich below, so will now take what she says with a big pinch of salt.

Remember what they say about “statistics” …

And who has been in control of our government for hundreds of years and the planet …
and who has delivered exploitation of Nature and destruction of Nature on this planet.

We will also have our share of dishonest and Elite females, of course.

Recall that the face of the campaign against approval of the Equal Rights Amendment
for Women was led to a large degree by Phyllis Schafly.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Mormon Church also used tax-exempt dollars to
fund a more covert anti-ERA campaign.

Best wishes for a Healthy & Happy New Year – :slight_smile:

Kudos to Iceland for passing this unique legislation. It is unique because it includes an auditing procedure for every company with more than 25 employees. Legislation in other countries that make pay discrimination illegal just rely on complaints and remedies through their justice systems.
I believe the Icelandic law is a better approach since it eliminates issues about employee fear of coming forward; it provides a level playing field for all companies by providing the same procedure to all; and it provides the most accurate and comprehensive data to inform public policy and measure the success of the program.


Oh sure the laws are in the books…
You make huge assumptions that just because laws are in books that people obey them and that the laws get duly enforced.
Where did you learn to be so naive and gullible?

The Icelandic law does examine the jobs themselves with guidelines for what constitutes equal work. However, this is an equal pay law - not an equal treatment in all things law. If more women decide to go into social work rather than engineering because of societal pressures - this law won’t help them - nor should it. Iceland also happens to be working through the types of cultural shifts you are talking about at a more rapid pace than other countries - but that is clearly a different animal than an equal pay law would encompass.