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Iceland, Where Bad Bankers Go to Jail, Finds Nine Guilty in Historic Case


Iceland, Where Bad Bankers Go to Jail, Finds Nine Guilty in Historic Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Iceland, which has become a gold standard for corporate accountability in the wake of its 2008-2011 financial crisis, has found nine bankers guilty for market manipulation in one of the biggest cases of its kind in the country's history.

The verdict from Iceland's Supreme Court, issued Thursday, overturns a June 2015 decision by the Reykjavik District Court, which found seven of the nine defendants guilty and acquitted two.


Iceland is a modern nation that has a grasp of such concepts as “the common good.” The US is not. Even today’s liberals are pragmatic, marketing their ideas to middle class consumers and campaign donors.


Can’t. We’re 100% dependent on our corporate and financial powers today.


In ;“Where to Invade Next,” Michael Moore focuses on the brilliance of Iceland’s social strategies. Most importantly, these strategies emphasize and promote the role of women. He interviews several outstanding examples of feminine thought processes which have made their country a role model IMO for INTELLIGENT GOVERNANCE, unlike the corrupt paternalistic religion-drenched idiocy and injustice in our supposed democracy.
A friend of mine has consulted astrological charts and reports that we will suffer under this broken system until 3035 --until a tide turns. I have told her that I do NOT think we will be suffering another NINE years. Look around, I said, at the brokenn ess of voting, the rigged primary election which clearly was won by BERNIE; the broken education, health, pharmaceutical, medical, law enforcement, environmental, agricultural–have I left anything out?–systems.


Oops. Mistyped–sould have been 2125–another 0 years.


2nd oops. 2125–another nine [9] years. I’m blaming my bad typing on the hysteria around here of Hurricane Matthew.


How about a third oops - 2025!


ya got me

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in
moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification
for selfishness.
----John Kenneth Galbraith

Bernie Madoff’s mistake was stealing from the rich. If he’d stolen from
the poor, he’d have a cabinet position.
-----OPOL, quoted on AlterNet


This is the what an honestly funded and administered government operates. If a person commits a crime they go to jail. If a personage commits a crime then its various parts are incarcerated. If the crime is equal to the BP transgression then the board members responsible for causative departments and the CEO go to jail and the corporate personage loses its charter and expires.
If the corporations demand the rights of citizens then by God they assume the same responsibility and punishments, When a corporate decision puts people at risk and cause deaths then they must be found guilty of multiple murders and pay the penalty of any other savage multiple murderer.
Those who insist that corporations are entitled to freedom of speech seem to think that potentially immortal being be treated like a minor and not responsible for their actions. This argument is asinine.


No we are not. The corporations may have usurped much of the government’s responsibilities but taking our country back is only the matter of some fresh ink on new laws. Taking back the congresses will prove more difficult for that must be done first.


The UK had the same modern notion back in 1948.


then what happened?


In the EU there is talk of a massive tax payer funded bailout of the Banking system. This includes addressing the huge issue regarding derivatives. Rather then let the 1 percent sink or jail them for fraud, they are going to bail them out much like Greece and Cyprus were forced to do. Penury will be forced on the taxpayer and citizens as the banking class is protected.

It worth pointing out that Duetsche bank is in the most tenous position and has huge exposure to derivatives. They have actually been selling many of these to US banks over the past years meaning those US banks now hold that worthless paper. Those banks in the US will demand a bailout as well.

This will make the crisis of 2008 look like Chicken feed and it my opinion part of the move to war with Russia is to try and slavage this criminally corrupt system.

Note that under laws passed by all Western Governments several years ago, any money you as a person have deposited in a Bank is not considered yours. It is considered the property of the bank and they can use it in any manner they wish to pay off creditors.


I think I want to retire in Iceland. Hot weather be damned.


Taking back the congress is but one reason that I support Jill Stein in this election. Even if she gets little or nothing done she will maintain the power of the veto over the absurdity that exists in our congress and deliver to us the ability to oust those that have not; and will not, represent us and this nation. This election, the midterms of 2018 and the election in 2020 will afford us the time we need to accomplish this. Stein is not complicit in the obstruction that corporate power has injected into our government from local to the capitol. Trump is not a part of the ‘inner circle’; so to speak, neither is Johnson or was Sanders and Stein stands far from the agenda of the international takeover of government. Clinton is the true insider that is meant to follow Obama’s agenda (legacy). We must engage in stopping the duopoly. We must make an intelligent and conscious choice between the supposed lesser of the Two evils or Jill Stein; who is in all actuality, the better candidate for this election.


All you have to do is click the edit icon, bottom right of your comment, and change it.


The Chicago School of Economics, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan some 31 years after the UK had built its excellent National Health System and social welfare system.


Gary Johnson. http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/37710-twelve-ways-gary-johnson-is-a-hardcore-right-winger

Animal Crackers? Pretty far fetched don’t you think? Jill Stein is actually the best candidate out of them all. Should she get anything or nothing done still has the power of the veto and leaves us with the time needed to oust the Congress that does not represent us. 2016, Midterms of 2018, and again in 2020. This Nation no longer has the opportunity to regroup for the next election, we need a pause in the bull sh!t being served to us. I’ll vote for Animal Crackers over corporate government, insanity and Libertarianism. You need not agree.


on what are you blaming your ignorance of the fact that you can simply edit your posts?

PS. It’s the little pencil, btw. See?