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Iceland's "Anti-Trump" Prime Minister Joins Sanders-Varoufakis Open Call for Global Progressive Alliance


Iceland's "Anti-Trump" Prime Minister Joins Sanders-Varoufakis Open Call for Global Progressive Alliance

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir this week announced her support for Progressive International—the just-launched global movement calling for all progressives to fight together for a "shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sus


Notice that Jakobsdottir puts the organizing of workers first. Socialism that does not recognize the leadership and interests of the working-class (of all genders/races and ethnicities) is not socialism.


True,but so many sheeple!


One of the issues that progressive internationalism will have to confront is, on one hand, the ability of capital to travel freely across national borders, and on the other hand, the near-total inability of labor to do the same.

What’s frequently demonized as “one-worldism” is, at some point, seemingly inevitable—we do, after all, live on one planet for better or worse—but it need not be an Orwellian dystopia if small-d democracy can be regained and expanded to unite all the world’s people. This initiative is a vital step toward that goal. I find it cause for cautious optimism.


Pardon me if I have room for some optimism in this world gone wrong. This attempt at a Progressive coming together offers at least some hope and I love the energy of Varoufakis, Sanders, Corbin, Obrador, Iceland’s Prime Minister. TO BE COMPLACENT IS TO BE COMPLICIT as Chris Hedges says.


Varoufakis is brilliant. Love them all and really am hopeful at unity. . One thing I’d like to see would be a progressive source of mainstream media. People can’t vote in their own interests when they only hear corporate propaganda.


And DemocracyNow! although amazing, is not enough.


I also liked the lady climate scientist from Germany that was at the PI forum. It’s not being naive to be optimistic. Let’s see how this child grows.


Nordic people are not stupid.


I agree, but is this comment racist? Discuss!


Explain where America’s poor – all those left jobless after decades of US job losses – fits into that vision.


Both US parties have been working to build support for a nuclear war, US vs. Russia and China. This would pretty well wrap up our climate debate.


Although it’s early days I feel that breath of a wiser and different day rising. I watched the greek impasse and never forgot the clarity of Varoufakis. I watched Sanders work downplayed in 2016 by those who didn’t understand his purity of vision although the youth of America saw it. I have watched Jeremy Corbin and see in his eyes the world united he forsees and I make strong mention of his courage in stepping forward. I AM holding this shared vision where nobody stumbles, in the end.