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Iceland's Police Are Not Our Police


Iceland's Police Are Not Our Police

How do we love Iceland? Let us count the ways: It's the most peaceful country in the world. It has no army. It has few rich or poor, with a vast middle class. It has free health care and education, strict gun control and mostly geothermal energy. It was a key supporter of Wikileaks. It has almost no murders. In 2013 it saw its first police killing, ever, and people trust the Coast Guard and police more than any public body. The Reykjavik police Instagram account shows why: This sure ain't Ferguson.


I want to live somewhere like Iceland. Or maybe I should move to Iceland. Is that possible? What are the rules and regulations for immigrants?


This made me smile. Sort of reminds me of when I was a kid (seventy some years ago). The police were our friends. We knew most of them and they knew us. If we were doing something “bad,” we usually got a talking to. Sometimes we got the threat that if we did it again, they would tell our dad!

  • Lost or hurt? The cop was there to help you. He strolled his beat and chatted with the people on the street, over a fence, or in a coffee shop.
  • Nowadays, our Brownshirts dressed in Blue are like the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everybody is an enemy. Shoot first, then ask questions.
  • This article was was really refreshing, even nostalgic for me.


It sounds like a dream-come-true, minitrue, but Iceland is a much smaller country than the United States, and I don’t see the United States becoming like Iceland any time soon.

Oh, and btw, what is the overall climate (temperature-wise, that is.) like? Just curious.


I was wondering…


You ALMOST sound like a conservative Republican.


I think the point is what is possible behavior for our species - many of us don’t believe, or at least have forgotten, that this stuff is …


The USA does not protect Canada anymore then they protect Saudi Arabia.

Canada does not have borders with any country but one. Russia is not and has never been a threat to invade Canada. Please tell me which countries are a threat to invade Canada. The only major war Canada was ever involved in where the adversary even remotely deemed a threat to invade Canada was against the United States of America.

The only reason the USA has in claiming it “protects Canada” or iceland is the US sees it in its sphere of influence and considers it US territory.

Oh and by the way the USA is 75 percent White 85 percent of them are Christians. It is not the 15 percent non christians doing all the killing or that are monsters in the Police force shooting people dead. Lets not make it about Religion or Ethnic origins. It an issue of wealth inequality racism and the distribution of power. Nothing more.

A point of fact just by way of example to help illustrate why claims that crime rates are related to religion and the ethnic makeup of a country are bogus .Malaysia is considered one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world and has always been. It is not a major destination for migrants. Historically it always had a low crime rate. Only recently has this crime rate been climbing. In that time of rising crime rates the religious makeup and ethnic makeup of the country did not change. What changed was the disparity in socio-economic status.


That sounds like a conservative,Republican to me.


Iceland is a peaceful and equitable society. Yes, I want the US to be like Iceland. Or are you asserting that the US is in the state it is in because it is multicultural? Surely you aren’t implying that!


IMHO the OP is just doin’ a little dog whistling. Implying that people of different religions and/or races simply can never get along with each other and so shouldn’t even bother trying, all while not coming out and saying it so bluntly. Nice huh?


Learning the language and surviving the endless winter (why do you think they call it Iceland?!!) would be a good start. Then you might want to learn to change your diet and entertainment tastes to their more restricted availabilities (no more Star Trek, Simpsons, or HBO. and forget about Cheese Doodles, Dr. Pepper, or KFC chicken).


You mean eat healthy?


Exactly. Iceland has a totally different composition than say, the US. Not that there would be peace and rainbows in the US even if it tossed out everyone but those of lily white northern tier european descent… We still have this coastal / hillbilly center ignorance divide which would be every bit as volatile where it bumped up against each other. Saying this takes nothing away from Iceland and its peaceful and happy society. Good for them.
They were smart to restrict immigration early on - aided of course by their seriously wretched weather!! With the scourge of slavery being legal nearly from the start here, the US had no chance at that policy.


You’re absolutely right. The climate at GITMO is much better and it’s part of the bigger United Police States. I’m guessing I know which one you’re going to pick. For me it’s snuggled under the covers of the wonderful people of Iceland in a genuinely free country who supports freedom of the press.


No offence but you sound like you don’t travel abroad much, as it’s a sad fact that you can find most of those things just about everywhere no matter how desperately you may prefer not to and escape them. This is the age of corporate globalisation. Then, there’s always the internet. The only thing I’ve never come across in travels around Europe and elsewhere is Cheese Doodles, and I suppose I should be thankful for at least that.


There’s slavery at the start of Icelandic history too: it was founded by Viking settlers who took with them slaves mainly captured from Irish, Scots, Anglo-Saxon & British sources, as well as other Scandinavians. Known as thralls, they formed a sizeable chunk of the population.


Dare we mention Iceland’s solid welfare system? For that matter, dare we note that the US implemented a range of policies and programs, from FDR to Reagan, that took the country to it’s height of wealth and productivity – including our poverty relief programs? When Reagan was first elected, launching the long campaign against our poor, the overall quality of life in the US was rated at #1. By the time Obama was elected, this had already plunged to #43. Iceland continued to move forward, into the 21st century, while the US has raced backwards.


To my knowledge, slavery is in the history of every nation.


That was a very different kind of slavery than the African trade. Slavery during Viking era was more benign in the sense that those 'enslaved ’ could work their way out, so to speak of that position through marriage, warrior success, a talent or craft etc. very very different than that practiced in America and the Carribean regions.