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Iceland's Police Are Not Our Police


You are still trying to suggest that it immigration from other countries that has caused the social ills of the United States of America.

This is nonsense. The social ills of the United States of America are rooted in egotism and exceptionalism. From their founding they emphasized “Property rights” as sacrosanct and then coupled that with the rights of the Indvidual over the well being of the community and of collective rights.

When they spouted words like “Freedom and liberty” it meant “The freedom and liberty to do AS I PLEASE without the society censuring me”. It was an appeal to egotism that was both selfish and childish,

The concepts of Community and of the Social well being of a society which led to the pursuit of Socialism and Communism in other countries was denigrated and ridiculed to the point where they are seen as evil. What was promoted was the “I” and feeding ones own ego no matter the cost and free of all responsibility for the same.

Those promoting this ideology tended to be very wealthy wherein they could count on that wealth to provide what the society and collective once provided. It was very much “I do not NEED any of you I got my money” mentality. This mentality carried over to the environment itself with the premise that if Mother Earth could no longer provide clean water and food in abundance then that same money would.

This inevitably led to Corporations as people with them claiming the right in Courts to do as they please with what they consider “their property” and to pursue profits at any cost in service to the “I” even if it at the collective cost of everyone else in society.

The reason Iceland does well is not because they are all white. They do well because they maintain and promote the concepts of community and of collective well being.


No ofense taken. What I mean to say is that it is one thing to say, "I think i’m gonna leave this crummy place and go to…Australia, New Zealand, Icelend, Canada, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc). It is quite another thing to figure out how you will survive the transfer of climate, cultures, customs, language, economy, etc.). Like reminiscences, day dreaming tends to focus on those things which are flattering to its preferred outcome (the past was better than the present or some other place is better than the US) and ignore all other factors that contradict that notion.


The US Government is not even protecting the USA! It is squandering all our resources, human and natural, on indecent military adventurism, on spoiling rotten the filthiest wealthy, on arming police to the teeth and then some whithout educating them enough to discover their own ignorances and prejudices, on letting our politicians ignore the voters while subsidizing beyond civil responsibility the corporate moguls who kick-back much of that public welfare as campaign cash, and appointing as judges those who give crooked politicians and corporate moguls free passes for their crimes while putting the dispossed into jail for life when smoking a joint.

The hideousness compounds alarmingly the deeper one looks. But most US citizens are addicted to the professionally designed escapism called television, which rots the mind that spends more than an hour a month looking at it.

Meanwhile the “major media” are constantly pounding the rhetorical drums for war, more war, nothing but war, and endless war, spending money we are stealing from our great grandchildren, doing exactly what the tacky retired boomers have their bumper stickers saying: “vacationing on my grandchildren’s inheritance.” Little do they see the truth in their sick joke.


On the surface yours would seem an accurate assessment. That said , the entity I call the United States of America is not just a geographical location on the worlds map defined by borders and encompassing all of the lands and peoples within.

The Entity called the United States of America does not represent the people that happen to be living there. It represents the Corporations and the Uber Wealthy no matter where they exist on this globe. Its constituency is those monied interests and the interests of Capital and Capitalists. A Corporation based in Japan or in Canada or in France or in Sweden has more say in the halls of Congress than does a Citizen of that country.

As such the US Government is doing a bang up job defending the interests of the wealthy. That those policies impoverish many millions of workers that happen to live in that Country is immaterial to them as that is not whom that Government works on the behalf of.

I see it very much like a Giant Wal Mart. Those that own shares in Wal mart and its owners do not give a figs leaf for all the people that work for them. , Wal Mart defends its own just as the Government of the United States of America. Wal Marts “own” is the shareholders and not the Workers and the shareholders that the Government of the United States of America represents is not that Countries Citizens.


“Still, take heart, all ye who enter here: They illustrate that our species - minus racism, poverty, rage-inducing disparities and a pathological, ill-educated, war-honed, guns-r-us-culture - can do so much better.”

Exactly. Mars rules is a permutation and a dangerous one, and hardly a basis from which to gauge human nature!


Ah yes, come to NZ…they don’t even carry guns over here. And are just as cool as these cops.


How can I forget about Cheese Doodles, Dr. Pepper, or KFC chicken, when I have no memories of them, at all? Yuck.


And I do not know what your point is. I have stated that Malaysia is Multi-ethnic and more so then is the United States of America. I have stated that it has always been multi-ethnic yet the crime rate increases.

The Ethnic makeup of the nation is not changing. Other factors lead to this and in particular the concentration of wealth. That a group might be singled out to be poorer is a chicken and egg argument. It very much like in the USA with the Blacks and the Native Americans. They are not poorer because they have to be due to ethnicity. They are poorer because the people with the money have decided it an expedient way of promoting “difference” so as to entrench their own power. If they were all whites or all blacks they would find another way of doing so. The Germans and French both have light colored skin and are seen as “European” yet they killed one another by the millions just because one group “German” and one group “french”

The fact that there are different ethnic groups in the world or inside a country does not MEAN there must be violence and intolerance. That violence and intolerance and racism is a CHOICE a society makes generally promoted by those in power.

You do not fix racism and the intolerance of others by forbidding the other from entering your country, Acceptance of the other does not mean you must reject them.

As to your point on Asians, Asians are not all one Ethnic group. The definition of “ethnic” has little to do with skin color.
Burma has over 100 different Ethnic groups as recognized by their Government. This does not mean they are not all Asiatic.

Malays are one of the three main ethnic groups in Malaysia but there dozens of others including Indigenous peoples. Even the peoples of Chinese or of Indian ancestry have different sub groups such as Tamils. Sikhs, Punjabi, Cantonese and Mandarin.

They see themselves every bit as different ethnically from one another as do the Poles do when they look to the Germans or Swedes.

I really can not understand how it is so many of European descent can emphasize their own differences in culture and ethnicity yet think everyone from Asia or Africa must all be the same .


Benign? Well, if you call having your village burned down and looted, all you family brutally slaughtered, then yourself carted off in chains on a boat to some far away country where you were made to do unpleasant tasks, used as a sex slave, traded, beheaded when your master dies and put in the grave with him, or just cruelly disposed of in general, benign, I suppose, yes, it was.


I suggest you look up the word Ethnic. It does not refer to “asiatic” or “european”.

I also suggest you refer to the Harvard University study which detailed ethnic groupings worldwide so as to determine the most ethnically diverse countries. Malaysia was near the top of the list. Uganda was at the very top. Just refer to the washington post article on ethnic diversity worldwide which references that study.

I suggest you refer to any article on demographics regarding Malaysia or Burma or India. The peoples are divided into a number of different Ethnic groups based upon religion, language and cultural differences which is the accepted definition of Ethnicity. That some groups dominate numerically in a given jurisdiction is a given.

All you need to is do a search on “Ethnic groups in Europe” and you will find the English, the Germans, The Russians , the Spanish are all listed separate of one another and those groups are then broken up into subgroups. Spain is in Europe too by the way and those Cuban Americans are descended from them even as they are identified as “hispanic”.

The suggestion that all people living in Asia are the same Ethnic group is as wrong as claiming all Africans are the same ethnic group.

Ethnicity is a SOCIAL construct. That means groups identify themselves as different based upon language/religion/culture and other learned behavior. The various group of peoples did not suddenly appear the world over at the same time. As persons migrated from Africa and dispersed the world over they in time began seeing themselves as different. This tendency to self identify with a given group is one that has been exploited by Political leaders for centuries . I assure you when The Germans singled out certain groups of people for elimination under the Nazis that fellow Europeans (caucasian ) were in that group yo be eliminated. They did not have to have a different skin color and I assure you the peoples who embraced this ideology saw themselves as a people apart.

Ethnic> of or relating to a population subgroup (within a larger or dominant national or cultural group) with a common national or cultural tradition


You missed listing the indigenous Icelanders, whose young people are committing suicide in droves. I’m not saying that’s a reason to disparage what Iceland has achieved, but rather, like others, as a model for others to emulate, especially the United States. Is that a problem for you?


Won’t let me post the link but so copy and take out the spaces:
www. slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/dispatches/2009/10/the_suicide_capital_of_the_world. html


Oh sorry, that was Greenland, not Iceland. My bad.


I have no idea where you got that from what I wrote that I think immigration is the ‘cause of all our societal ills’. I stated and will restate, perhaps more clearly, that when there is a homogeneous society it is far easier to manage a society in a positive way. Saying they were ‘smart’ to limit immigration merely meant it made policy making and adherence to policies easier as everyone involved had the same backround and belief systems regarding government, work, religious affiliation and depth of such and so on. Which is absolutely true. A nation made up of every ethnic and social grouping on earth like the US is makes for very ugly messy policymaking and often, severe and violent conflict as well as a sclerotic legislative process at times. How do you think Iceland’s social policies came about without a lot of violence and infighting and stonewalling?? Their homogeneity. That’s fact not a value judgement on either side.


Please get your history from somewhere other that TV. Slavery in any form was never going to be considered sunshine and roses. But there were profound differences in the different versions. Please do your homework before making comments. Thanks.


And those slaves has clear possibilities to work their way out of that position and into Viking society. Unlike african slaves in the US south. A freed slave was never made a part of society in the South.there was no mechanism for it whatsoever.


No nation can be exactly like any other nation. What is good about Iceland is it has a low crime rate, gun control, was the first European nation to recognize Palestine, has excellent health care and education, is a supporter of Wikileaks and allows same sex marriages. New Zealand is not very multi-racial. The Maoris were there long before the British and are now a minority.


I said Iceland was the first European nation to recognize Palestine. I meant it was the first Western European nation to recognize Palestine.


I rarely watch TV, I get my history from well-researched sources and the dark ages and early medieval Northern European history happen to be my speciality. You, on the other hand get your education from somewhere that results in you not even being able to spell correctly or master English grammar. To say there is a benevolent gradient to the horrors of viking slavery is moronic. The conclusion therefore is you must be a moron. African slaves in the US/Carribean (not just the South, as you erronously have it, there were slaves in the North too) did have some avenues to freedom and at least they didn’t have to face the possibility that, when their master died, they would be sacrificed and buried alongside him as often happened in the viking period.


What is the difference between polyculturalism and multiculturalism?