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Iconic African Baobab Trees Dying Due to “Changing Climate”


Iconic African Baobab Trees Dying Due to “Changing Climate”

Andy Rowell

When historians write the definitive, convoluted but compelling book on climate change, there will be landmark stand-out moments over the last 30 years when you thought the news of floods, sea-level rise, drought and death would finally have spurred society into collective action that would have helped save future generations.


The Chinese are so clever. They even have the Baobob trees reading their junk science and suiciding themselves to claim Climate Change happening! Besides Baobob trees are from that shithole Africa! Why not more concern about the trees in Norway?

The Next Donald trump tweet.


The time has come for a “new” type of climate change.

“Political Climate” change.

A climate in which singing birds and beautiful butterflies thrive.

And political dinosaurs die.


I was thinking it would be “got to send someone to harvest those trees, they have value”.


Its the orange baboons hot air… duct tape the gop and global warming would stop.