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'I'd Drop Any 10 of You': GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Threatens to Shoot Armed Black Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/id-drop-any-10-you-gop-rep-clay-higgins-threatens-shoot-armed-black-protesters

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“Higgins, you are an insult to the human race.”

Then again, I am not sure you are human after making a racist statement like that.

Animals have more of an intellect.


“Fair warning,” the Louisiana Republican, a former police captain, wrote in a Tuesday post that included a photo of armed Black men at a Black Lives Matter rally in Louisville, Kentucky. “I wouldn’t even spill my beer. I’d drop any 10 of you where you stand.”

More proof of what I have posted many times: IF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ( the Amerikan, Fascist Party) IS NOT DESTROYED non-violently! They will destroy BLM and Progressives violently!


This is the last remaining category where USA is #1, paranoid sociopaths.


Embarrassing symptoms of testosterone poisoning.


This is the kind of people we have serving in our congress? No wonder we are in big trouble.


Such a brave man. Is america great yet ?

Con. Higgins, and his volatile political rhetoric, isn’t protected under the 1st Amendment, is it?
Certainly, in this Trumpster Era, others have been charged with incitement for saying things similar to this? Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump, whatever?
Coming from an elected Federal officeholder?


Higgins is a murderous thug just wanting an opportunity to kill. Leaders like that guarantee there will be ever escalating violence with all that means. Why do we have this hate is in the highest levels of government?


Even worse, paranoid sociopaths “juiced up” on steroids. If I had my way, every LEO in America would be subject to a thorough psychological evaluation, and random drug tests.

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Higgins and his fellow Pelican Stater, Steve Scalise, are two peas in a pod.


Clay Higgins represents LA-3, the region that was flattened by Hurricane Laura’s 150 mph winds in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic. His district won’t have electricity back for weeks. He seems to have better political things to do than to deal with his district’s many desperate constituents.


All the gobs of testosterone whizzing by (duck!) bring to mind the ultimate macho putdown from Sid Hatfield, at the mention of the Baldwin-Felts security agency:

“I’ve met Mr. Felts. I wouldn’t piss on him if his heart was on fire.”



Thank YOU, I was waiting for someone to mention this! I’d watched Breaux Bridge cops pull a couple BIG drunk white boys out of their truck at the Crawfish Festival right after watching Lafayette cops “restore order” at ElSidO’s during Festival International de Louisiane, without mahap. So, let me posit that, these lard-ass Nazis might just have their WallyWorld Bushmasters snatched by bad little kids, if they can’t be polite? .223 might be OK for nutrea but everybody, down there is SERIOUSLY hurting & sick of MAGA clowns?


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The R’s won’t be destroyed nonviolently. It’s sad, but this society is heading for a certain breakdown and some serious internecine violence after the election. Maybe there will be healing after the civil war, but we’re not going to make to a healing place without passing through hell-on-earth first. And, I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure I care anymore. I see nothing good in our future. I am totally depressed.


Someone’s comment on voting theory:
"I can’t imagine what four more years of Trump-Barr would mean for our democracy." - Vanita Gupta

Similar comments from Bernie, Chomsky, West, Turner, AOC, Benjamin, street, scientists environmentalists, educators, republicans, medical professionals, First Peoples, Economists all by the freakin boatload, and we should heed a few voices that claim to know better? Rubbish!

Regardless what one thinks of the reality of “our democracy” the stark truth is whatever “we” have that is worth fighting for - or against - or reforming to actually live-up to the promise of the words in our great documents (albeit written by slave-owners) ALL of what went before will be destroyed and there will be nothing left to save if that creature gets another 4 years to “roll-back” everything As simple as that; and don’t give me the rubbish that is the only way to destroy the DP/DNC and then we will rebuild a better world" - THAT is delusional, divisive, fantasy, troll, bot, “Russian hacker”, right wing, neo-fascist - all of them under any guise - garbage!!
The basic reason is that this hideous cretin and the people he has placed into positions of policy and power, like barr, miller, devoid, dejoy, wheeler, zinke, every fuckin one chosen to destroy whatever those “regulatory” agencies had, will have been disappeared by the trump regime!
Yeah, yeah, I know Dems are blah, blah, Bernie has always been a sellout sheepdog", that’s either utter BS or true and we know that already , and it doesn’t matter whatever the supposed rationale or plan to re-take/rebuild the DP or whatever blather has been swallowed by the innocent or troll argument pushed is delusional! The only way forward it is explained- “is a trump win and that will push the people to revolution and force the clinton, obama, perez, hoyer sellouts (and oligarchs) from power” Really?

Chris Hedges writes “Only one thing matters to the oligarchs. It is not democracy. It is not truth. It is not the consent of the governed. It is not income inequality. It is not the surveillance state. It is not endless war. It is not jobs. It is not the climate. It is the primacy of corporate power—which has extinguished our democracy and left most of the working class in misery—and the continued increase and consolidation of their wealth.” all very true and the how to smash them and still retain the things worth saving is the question.

Nina Turner said: " Progressives have two dragons to slay. We Have the (trump) dragon of Neo-Fascism and the dragon of (DP/DNC) neoliberalism."
The corrupt influence of money - great wealth in few hands - in our politics and corrupting media - truth - is a third dragon!


Funny how these cowards like to look big and mean when they have a loaded gun.

I certainly know how you feel and anyone that has been paying attention does feel the same way as you. But in my view the fascists love violence, that is why they use provocateurs to demonize peaceful protesters because they have no answer for non-violence.


Initiation rites? A lot of systemic violence is being talked about.

I my opinion, America has never been a true democracy Trump and Barr have just revealed the truth. Biden is extolled as the savior, much like Obama was and if elected, we have to know it will not change. I can hear it now" WE NEED TO HEAL THE COUNTRY NOT LOOK BACKWARD".