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'I'd Drop Any 10 of You': GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Threatens to Shoot Armed Black Protesters

From Breitbart even, FBI uncovers secret gangs of tattooed Los Angeles Deputies.

They are obviously people who have a lot of deep seated issues and no compassion, exactly the kind of people who we should never allow to hold public office.

“They HAD no solution for non-violence!” There, fixed it for you? When the only Resistance® is playing “somewhat less psychotic bad cop” protection scam doppelganger, evil twin Gilligan… Picture: Sturmabteilung vs Gandhi, or J Edgar vs ML King (with LBJ pissed?) Now, picture us, side-by-side with armed, cranked-up death o’ disparity deplorables (my main fear, in 2016). There’s simply bossman’s churls vs US. Both rich folks & the fucked-over poor folks can just up and SHOOT us, cause each now blames US for the other? And Liberals always feed “others” to the fascist goon-squads…





The first answer to nonviolence is usually violence, such as happened in the Salt March in India in 1930, or the Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965, or… (add to list). Then, if the perpetrators have any shame, they realize they can’t keep answering nonviolence with violence. Unfortunately, the current perpetrators have no shame, only animus. Also unfortunately, this means someone–some group–has to take a beating. Ask John Lewis. So, yes, fascists love violence, and they are ramping up for more even as we blog. They are riding in armed caravans, illegal militias, firing paint ball guns and pellet guns (for now), protected by, abetted by, even invited by police and sheriff’s departments. Without the police and so-called “justice system” to stop them, there is naught to stop them. Are we ready to take the beatings? Me, I don’t want to take a beating, or a bullet. And so, I watch. We should all be in the streets, and I’m not. Hence, depression, sequela to cowardice.

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Higgins is just another want-a-be special ops little boy, it’s the case for most in SWAT.
“How Fast? 1,450 FPS Fast.” Not correct for .223 or 9mm rounds.
The looser doesn’t even understand the ballistics of the weapon he uses, try 3,215 fps, looser.

Have to commend the Louisiana Cajun Militia though, unlike the excuses given by most, like Rittenhouse, they showed up to actually protect protesters. Most forget, or didn’t know, Acadian (Cajun) people’s ancestors were persecuted in Canada from 1713-1758 (+/-), apparently some have not forgotten this.


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Thanks for your perspective.

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True, but you are talking about many of my Trumper, gun crazy, relatives and if you think you can beat them with violence, then in my opinion, you are sadly mistaken.

I read ya’, this country has been heading down the crooked path for years.

No, I don’t think I can beat monsters with violence. I’m afraid I’m going to have to meet them with it.

That could be what we Progressives may have to do. I am not a pacifist, but I would fervently hope it does not come to that even though I own guns.

I hope you understand that I’m not advocating violence. The main point of my responses to you were that I think it’s coming for us whether we want it or not. I dread it all the more even as it seems ever more inevitable, like a nightmare as it approaches the moment I awake in a state of heart-pounding terror. It didn’t help that we had a major altercation outside on the street at 4:30 AM this morning. Screeching cars, raised voices, males and females, epithets and threats, and two men beating a hasty retreat into the darkness of the park across the street. My partner said, “That sounded like someone was about to kill someone.” Yeah. Good morning, America.

I seriously need a potent diversion or a strong delusion today. I know! Here’s a trusty toke: “If I just vote, everything will get better.”

Me neither, but if it comes to us, we may have no other choice. Like if some thug is attacking my family, I would have no other choice. Here in Alaska almost everyone is armed to the teeth for wild animals and that choice was given to my brother-in-law when a Grizzly Bear tried to break into his cabin and he had to shoot it through the front window in order to save his family. If he was not prepared he and his family would probably have been killed.

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This clown wouldn’t stand for a firefight, he would run at the first sight of armed BLM.

This is awesome!!! If every leader in every town took this stand this BS would stop!!! It’s Tyranny plain & simple! BLM is causing more hate & division… but isn’t that what our democrat leaders want! Quit being puppets!!!

Doesn’t this European know We Ain’t Our Grandparents and We Ain’t Scared,…Period, and these ain’t His Lands to be Threatening People so Act Civil or Go Home where He’s from,…!!!

Lame racist swine,

These cosplay soldiers are quite laughable at this point.
Sadly your last bastion of manhood is with a gun in your hand.
He’s just another punk without it.

Francis Bullard (Karen) is absolutely right. Trump and his BLM-blue lives matter racist supporters are to blame for this type of nonsense. This coward needs to be removed from office and he will be dealt with like all the rest of them. She’s correct about the tyranny which is being displayed by Trump and his cronies, not the Democrats

They should have taken it as a threat and dropped him.

Those racist pricks act like they’re the only one with guns.